[Video] OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung S21 Ultra Camera Test Comparison.

Camera Comparison of OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – including night mode, 4k video,…

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  2. problem with OnePlus' photos was never the hardware it was the software. No point getting hasselblad to make good camera hardware when the software is still gonna ruin the images

  3. $200 for a better phone that you may have for 3-4 years is not a big deal
    I usually keep most of my phones for 3 years
    Right now I have the OP 8T and it's awesome.
    Not upgrading til I absolutely have to

  4. The OnePlus microphone was such a clear winner, like their was no competition at all, it's was worlds apart and you called that staticy mess samsung had a draw..

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