[Video] Our First Build Together in YEARS!

It’s been years since Linus and Luke have done a build together, and since Luke’s previous “Geodude” build was in need of some serious TLC, today, we …

28 Comments on “[Video] Our First Build Together in YEARS!”

  1. What bothers me here is the knowledge, plantytime gets lukes hand me downs for her PC.

    We ve saw how luke will treat a PC built by LMG staff(hey luke was LMG staff when he built it), I say Linus should have gave the upgrade to Emma instead.

  2. No case? Lol Luke deserved better. Still a sic computer but I wouldn’t hold my breath on its longevity after having to literally repair the cpu pins. Just give him an intel 5k upgrade as an “honorary” team member. Didn’t he say he wanted threadripper?

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