[Video] ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Unboxing – So Fast it's Funny.

Unboxing and Review of both the ROG Phone 5 & ROG Phone 5 Ultimate edition, the two fastest,…

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  1. Congratulations on your reviews, in my mind you are the best bar none.However, there is one aspect i never hear reviewers like yourself ever mention on phones and that is reception quality(ies) I was always a samsung phone guy and i was having issues with getting phone calls and making calls at home and after a couple of exchanges of phones(samsung) and getting signal boosters from the carrier for my house,which really didnt help much. I made a purchase of a 1+ 7pro for the first time in my life stepping out of Samsung and low and behold my nightmare of not receiving calls and making calls inside my house ended and no i didnt change carriers.I am still using that phone today for obvious reasons and i cant wait to get my hands on the 1+ 9pro…I have no idea why this is so nor do i know where the antennae is placed on either phones but the 1+ got it right…

  2. damn thanks man!!!!

    i literally spent so many hours on so many videos and websites but none helped and dang your video helped me out in minutes!!
    (i am on my pc so I cant add emojis lol)
    ps. this still works in 2021 yayyy!!


  3. No one is really that into playing mobile games right? Even for the relatively few that aren't pay to win or loaded with microtransactions, playing video games on a touchscreen is objectively the WORST way to play any game. It's super imprecise, it hurts and cramps very quickly, it's just awful. Even if you buy one of those gaming grips/controllers… There's latency, and the game selection is just bad.

  4. Ok so, the ROG phones have a very unique design and they made the design that way that if they introduce any alien technology on their back, it doesn't seem that much out of the place. So as for cameras, they can always improve them. They ca use a very big camera on the back. They can even use the retractable camera xiaomi currently developing. Asus focuses on gamers. As for me, I will always love that as a gamer. But they can keep these models and make a new phone. Let's name it Asus ROG Phone M. This phone will not have a flagship Level ram or chipset. Let them have the specs of ROG phone 5 just add a very good camera. You can delete those many many many features and add some image processing and editing features. And even if this phone wouldn't be a gamers 1st choice it would definitely be close to the 2nd choice to every consumers in the world. Well you have to fix the internal issues which I don't know. I am not a tech reviewer or expert.

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