[Video] The ALL-WHITE Gaming PC!

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[Video] The ALL-WHITE Gaming PC! 1
[Video] The ALL-WHITE Gaming PC! 2
[Video] The ALL-WHITE Gaming PC! 3
[Video] The ALL-WHITE Gaming PC! 4
[Video] The ALL-WHITE Gaming PC! 5

23 Comments on “[Video] The ALL-WHITE Gaming PC!”

  1. It's like showing a food festival video to the hungry kids in a warzone. I am just wondering why Asus even bothered to give you this for a test show when it can't even release 1 single card for the earth right now! LMAO

  2. Anyone in the world is lucky to have gigabit access so who the fuck cares. Stop being so elitist all the time geez. You want things that don't matter 99% of the time.

  3. Protip, the 980 Pro doesn't have MLC flash the way we think of it. Samsung refers to everything other than SLC as "X-bit MLC". The 980 Pro uses 3-bit MLC, or TLC.

    In general I prefer Samsung's naming convention over what the rest of the world uses, it makes more sense; but the rest of the world doesn't use it…

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