[Video] The Best Gaming Laptop. Period.

The Asus Zephyrus G15 GA503 checks all the boxes for a 2021 gaming laptop – slim, powerful, and very well built – but have Asus sacrificed too much power for …

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  1. it’s just funny to me how even if you do have the money to spend all tech related products are pretty much sold out within the first week of release

  2. There are aftermarket RGB keyboards available for the ASUS line of laptop. That's why the FN has an RGB Hotkey, though it's just white.

    Or. They didn't want you to criticize the RGB part of the laptop in your review video.

  3. So I guess Linus agrees with all the reviewers just get the 3070 model at 80W 100W with the dynamic boost. The performance between the 100W 3070 and 3080 in this model isn't going to be that much but what about the extra ram my question is for Australians and this I guess applies to any country but is it worth paying an extra $800AUD for a 3080 and extra 8gb soldered to the board instead of the 3070 and 16gb total or 8gb soldered to the board in dual channel when you are considering streaming and gaming on the device at the same time? Also potentially video editing as well? Definitely going to be using PS or other equivalent as well…? Also importing from outside i.e. grey imports versus buying local? Thanks for reading and hope that it wasn't too bothersome.

  4. I have the OG Asus G14 for about a year now and it's a beast.
    A true marvel of laptop engineering, which stands as a foundation for future laptops to come.
    It has its issues of course, but as a whole – it's amazing.

  5. Considering my old GTX 1080 Zephyrus was 4000 CAD at the time it came out, $1799 USD for this 3070 model sounds like a steal. Are you sure that's not an error?

  6. relatively minor nitpick, I'm not a fan of necessary buttons like power capturing a biometric just by pressing it. there doesn't seem to be a way to opt out other than maybe putting a sticker on the button.

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