[Video] The Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Phone!

My review of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G with camera test. The BEST budget phone from Samsung this year.
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24 Comments on “[Video] The Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Phone!”

  1. If you compare side by side with phones like redmi or realme, you will definitely lost interest on this phone. This is overpriced, the only reason you should buy this is probably you are a samsung fans

  2. They target companies trying to reduce fix costs and compete with the iphone se packing more features for just 100$ more
    The iPhone se is very popular for companies renewing their fleet for a reasonable price

  3. if only this thing had wireless charging i'd be all over it for my wife's phone upgrade! it has everything else that would make it the perfect phone for her to replace her S10 with!

  4. This phone should have got an SD865+ and a 6000mAh battery, with a faster 65w charger. We wouldn't mind a glass back with 50w wireless charging tho. Overall, it's good, but needed some better hardware things apart from what it already packs. But 4 year support thing is a win-win.

  5. It's just kinda sad how many phones have ditched the headphone Jack. That's the only proper way to have a smartphone with great audio. I hope companies like LG don't ditch their headphone jack too becuz the quad dac is super good.

  6. S21 go for 600 on amazon (usa), on a regular basis best buy also sales them for 600, 500 for this ain't worth it unless they go for 450/400 with discounts

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