[Video] The MacBook Is Getting Too Good.

Apple M1 MacBooks are making Windows ultrabooks like the XPS 13, Razer Book, LG Gram, Lenovo X1 harder to recommend
The uncomfortably right choice –


[Video] The MacBook Is Getting Too Good. 1
[Video] The MacBook Is Getting Too Good. 2
[Video] The MacBook Is Getting Too Good. 3
[Video] The MacBook Is Getting Too Good. 4
[Video] The MacBook Is Getting Too Good. 5

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  1. Honestly would've picked up an M1 Macbook if only they support VMs. I don't see them supporting VMs as much as the x86 platform does anytime soon… but when that time comes, I'll be joining the Apple family. Maybe. Who knows.

  2. What is the audio chipset like on the Air @Jimmy compared to a new Macbook Pro, I use the Pro for my work but am interested in replacing my personal laptop with an Air

  3. m1 is the soc on 5 nm with little.BIG architecture … while 5000 ryzen on 7nm with old gpu architecture and intel on 10 nm . So say that they can't compete with arm is a bit strange. Yes not in this year. This is not a problem of x86…

  4. Got me an Air M1 mainly (but not exclusively) for Home-Office purposes, so I could do my work from anywhere. The battery life is just insane. I haven't been this happy with a purchase in quite a while. The screen, speakers, the lightweight and fanless design. Really appreciate what it does for the money. Eagerly waiting for my seafoam green dBrand skin. 💻

    Thx for the content, Dave! Always a pleasure to watch. Best wishes from a German subscriber. 😉👍🏻

  5. The only issues I have with the M1 Macs are (bear in mind I'm a current Mac user who also uses Windows and Linux): 1. Lack of ports (no doubt this will be addressed with the next gen Apple silicon Macs). 2. Inability to run Linux, Ubuntu is pretty much critical to my work and I don't want to run a VM. It's a pity that Ubuntu can't run native yet on Apple silicon. Having said that I will still be at the front of the queue for a MacBook Pro 14 when they come out because M1X's will be amazing and fingers crossed will have the requisite number of I/O ports.

  6. I am looking for a laptop and was hoping for 16Gb of RAM (for virtual machine) on a Windows laptop. Is 8Gb on M1 roughly up to the task? 16Gb M1s are too expensive for me.

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