[Video] The World's Most Expensive Xbox Controller is DONE

The saga continues, now with much more polishing. Pt. 1: Buy Xbox Core Wireless Controller (PAID LINK): …

50 Comments on “[Video] The World's Most Expensive Xbox Controller is DONE”

  1. So I know how expensive the metal is, but that can be melted or sold at melt-value to recover most of it.

    But what about the labor cost? Having a bunch of skilled craft workers spend days on a piece can't be cheap.

  2. I'm somewhat disappointed you didn't make a gold Dualshock 4 controller (or maybe Dualsense). I'm a PC gamer, completely outside the console wars, but I think the DS4 is so vastly superior. I just love how well it's supported on Steam (gyro controls are in fact better supported than in the PS4). It definitely "deserved" more the gold treatment.

  3. They should have got an arms manufacturer to build an xbox controller. Can you imagine having the fit and finish of a modern gun? The best part, actual "triggers". The batteries could eject when they are low.

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