[Video] This is TWO SSDs.

Enmotus isn’t a commonly known company among gamers, but that might change with Fuzedrive, an SLC-infused SSD that claims to have “AI”… Buy Enmotus …

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  1. Hey – Here is an idea.. Just wondering if you mount a third drive as a folder on your tiered drive if that would somehow link it enough that the system would promote stuff from Drive 3 to your fast tier. I have it set up like this on my computer just for convenience sake (one C drive, with a folder in the root that is actually a separate drive 😉 So now I have 3 drives all with a single drive letter.

  2. These transfer speeds just dont matter anymore after a certain threshold, they will be bottlenecked by other factors of the system. Does your Triple A game load instantlly like it should with a 3000 mb/s read ssd? No OFC it doesnt.

  3. I've been using Primocache for a few years now to use 16GB of memory as a disk cache for my Steam drive. I tend to binge certain games at a time so it's worked great, and didn't require additional hardware.

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