[Video] This Takes Things to Another Level…

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  1. There here. They've been here before. Where not even a 5th of a percentage advanced as they are. There somewhere out there watching, listening, studying our behavior.

  2. hi
    I always dreaming about to have gaming laptop, but i cant offer it its to expensive to me.
    I'm sorry but can I ask you to give me one laptop please?
    I appreciate you and its like a dream to me

  3. 9:10 I think one of the best gifts that come with being… a dangle hanger(Trying to be YouTube friendly). Is that it catches vibrations and FEELS, SO, GOOD!!!
    When I talk to other guys about it, they say how only women get off with vibrations. I even told this girl once, and she was shocked that a guy can get off from vibrations.

    I think a good rule of thumb for whether or not a guy could feel that good vibration is… it can still swing DURING shrinkage.

    P.S. ORGANISMS are awesome. (If you read that wrong, you read it right)

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