[Video] We're Making a SOLID GOLD Xbox Controller

We’re making the most expensive Xbox controller in existence, made out of solid gold. Watch part 2 on Floatplane: …

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy the journey. This was one of those "can it be done" concepts for us and the goal would be to find a buyer for the finished product or melt it down to re-use.

    We're crazy enough to make it, not crazy enough to waste that kinda money on something so ridiculous lol

  2. watches in time? when the time comes turn the light on, top of every hour for as long as there is time. how far out of time were the flashes from the dark side of the moons crescent? just as fast as a normal car accelerating down a 1/4 mile drag strip. i didn't type mars but i guess there are a few people there??? hmm?

  3. Linus: Complains for 2 years about the 10,000$ CPU he damaged and the budget cuts he had to make as a result. Also Linus "Let's make a solid gold Xbox controller!"

  4. I bet you can make alot more money out of it sending it to different exibithions, and competitions. Like visiting different streamers and letting them play and stream with it and then react. Milk it and then when it has earned its worth keep it as a museum piece or send it to LGR or the 8-Bit guy for the museum. It will be part of history always, no one is crazy enough to match this. And maybe a Guiness record?

  5. the answer to how u fix the sprue mark or gate mark as its called, file it down with a clean single cut file (just so its easier n more efficient to reclaim ur gold) then clean the file with the razor blade, unless u have something pointy that works better but i have best luck with a razor, i dont do gold tho that should b alot easier n do all this overtop of a clean surface so u can dab the gold up with ur finger afterward i use a kind of dull razor blade to clean out the cutting edges out it gets down in the tight grooves

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