[Video] Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?

Why does Nobody buy LG Smartphones?
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  1. I love LG smartphones. They are terrible at marketing.

    I have had 3 LG v20s and bought 2 for friends

    I was going to get Samsung note 9 or 10 but hated the note 10 and was not impressed by note 9 enough to switch

    I ended up getting a v60 then the dual screen

    Then I decided I wanted a smaller phone for my car and got the G8x and its dual screen

    LG is for people who actually do work like research or real estate or even content creation but does not care about what other people think.

    And apple and Samsung gather much more information.
    The note 9 apps terms of service made me return it right away.

    So long as LG makes phones like the v60 g8x and especially the.v20. If their software update or if they offer a replaceable battery I'm buying it

    I tell everyone
    Don't be a money waster, get the v60

  2. Damn i never knew that me as lg g4 dual sim user should have shifted long ago even bfore launch of g5. Hmmm. still owning it as my secondary. Still can run for another couple of years.

  3. LG creates a triple 1-inch screen phone with an easy-to-remember 69-bit hexadecimal ASCII name, running on a dual boot MS-DOS Android set-up, that has the groundbreaking feature of a community college marketing undergrad virtual assistant voiced by Arun, featuring 3.5 cameras all with microscopic macros shooting exactly 69.420 fps in the gamma ray spectrum, a battery capacity that physically changes from 200 mAh to 90000 mAh whether or not you use the fancy DAC, infinite wireless charging but at 0 watts, and a super low price costing anywhere between $1 and £9999 depending on the temperature, wind direction, time zone, the position of the planets, what’s currently airing on Netflix, and whatever meal Arun had for lunch the day before yesterday

  4. Because of the slow update of the OS. I don't want use Android 10 while google is almost ready to push Android 12. I think stock Android can resolve this issu

  5. Well i had G2 which I loved and now I'm having wing. Customer care is disaster…. Huge disaster but the phone is great love it… My only problem is weak soc. I would love to see LG as phone producer maybe focusing multidispley devices, roll ups and flexibles. The price policy is really strange and i hate it since 2 weeks after i bought my already discounted wing it got another % off. If they invest to marketing and do videos like Huawei when you see the cool features in action that would definitely help and OFC PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS communication with customer care is disaster and most of the time you have more information than lg employees

  6. My dude, I know your stats suggest your biggest audience is American but c'mon, list £££ as well as $$$ it's weird hearing someone who lives up the road from me only reference US prices, it already feels weird watching a majoirty of tech channels and only hearing prices referenced in US currency.

  7. I love my G3 and my G5, but they are not for me anymore. I buy a phone that fits me personally, so my chaice goes to other brands… so sad to see

  8. Please make a video on Android O/S updates. Now a days all Mobile companies are not giving O/S updates with in months when it was released.why Google only releasing pre versions to pixel only. And why Nokia, Samsung, other Mobile companies are not giving O/S updates. Still some people are using android 7, 8. Very worst. They have to release to low configuration mobiles( low cost), then only it will be good.

  9. Lg is audio focused. It has excellent mics, a pair of capable speakers and a quad dac headphone jack. So it does serve a purpose for audio enthusiasts like me and are also up in the alley of content creators. They had their reputation tarnished by the notorious bootloops which plagued their G4 and V10. If only they've had a better software support and a positive pr team, things would've been much better for them in the grand scheme.

  10. 1. Lack of solid Marketing Strategy & after sales services.
    2. Delaying in introduce next upcoming phones.
    3. Lack of complete smartphone range for poor to rich customers.

    Otherwise LG makes better smartphones than Samsung.

  11. Hilarious part I’ve been stuck with an lg phone for 2 years or 1 and i really hate it because it’s so slow 😂 it even takes time for it to actually turn on even after i already pressed the power button to turn it on
    Note: its edited to make it more clear on what im trying to say
    If you are wondering i have an lg stylo 4

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