[Video] Why is EVERYONE Buying These Smartphones?

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45 Comments on “[Video] Why is EVERYONE Buying These Smartphones?”

  1. Do you know that the list your looking at is the best seller phone since a long time ago ?
    I hope you know also that it says nothing about most popular phones in 2020 or 2021

  2. I am actually surprised bout so many comments of people saying „most people use old and/or cheap phones“.. I don’t know where y’all live but it’s not the fact where I live …

  3. I mean, a two or one year old flagship from apple, is great for most people, the support of os is extremely important at this stage if you intend to use a refurbished phone for another two or three years plus

  4. if the manufacturer support the phone old phone is OK that's why ppl buy apple and that's why Samsung is rolling 4 years of support

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