[Video] You Can't Buy This CPU… Yet – Threadripper Pro

In this video, we check out the awaited AMD Threadripper Pro CPUs, released exclusively in Lenovo’s P620 ThinkStation. It’s like regular Threadripper… but Pro.

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  1. Can someone please tell me why this computer is three times the price of my gaming computer with a 3080 and I9 10700? Do they use lower power Is that what it is? Because I don't get how they can be more? Why does it have a 6080?

  2. Lenovo sales rep told me that you can't change out the CPU later because the CPU is soldered onto the motherboard. I wanted the lesser CPU for now in hopes that I could buy the 64 core next year and upgrade but then you have to also swap the motherboard. Also will you please test with all DIMM slots populated?. I expect it might perform better if you are actually using the benefit of 8 channel RAM that is unique to this CPU.

  3. Who are they trying to hide it from? The ones they need to hide it from is making it in bulk for them. They made China 20years ahead of everyone by giving them everything for free to save a few bucks.

  4. 6:25 no it's to simplify assembly and field service of these workstations. Instead of fiddling with cables from the PSU when replacing one, you only have to press the release handle and pull it out of the chassis before putting a new one in.
    It's professional hardware, not DIY gamer stuff – time is money and companies make these sort of tweaks all the time to improve technician efficiency

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