[Video] Your Gaming PC Has A Bottleneck!

Whether it’s your CPU, Graphics Card, RAM, Motherboard, Case, or even your operating system, there’s always going to be something holding you back.

[Video] Your Gaming PC Has A Bottleneck! 1
[Video] Your Gaming PC Has A Bottleneck! 2
[Video] Your Gaming PC Has A Bottleneck! 3
[Video] Your Gaming PC Has A Bottleneck! 4
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  1. I have a $4500 budget for a laptop: Alienware 17 in your video: if I can have only one computer/ But then I heard you talking about AMD cores and compatibility, that their are doing better job than Nvidia. But cant find a 17" with AMD 9, like Alienwate. Could you point me to one that thsoe have it? Im a graphic designer, 3D and gamer. Right now my money is on the Alienware, but I like the Ryzen concept. I hae a EUROCOM with AMD 7076 2012 that still a beast, but its time to do the upgrade.

  2. Linus, can you guys please do the same thing but also include much older CPU's? Such as the AMD FX-8350 Black Edition and others from the era. I've got that plus a 1060 6gb, and frame rates are… well you know. Would be interesting to know for instance how Assassins Creed Odyssey runs starting from that 8350 moving upwards with a 1060?

  3. Eh… As far as an expensive CPU and a midrange GPU, a lot of developers will do that, so it's way more common than people who are primarily gamers may think… Especially if they just game occasionally and use the computer for work more often. Plus I agree with the methodology of taking away the bottlenecks away from whatever it is you're testing, that's a sensible and scientific way to test stuff.

  4. Can Ram speed be a Bottleneck?
    My ram runs at 1333MHz and it does support 2600. When I am playing a game my gpu and cpu are at 50 to 60% usage and my frame rate goes to 45 to 60 even if I set the resolution to 720p I use a 2080 Ti with Intel Core i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHz.

  5. Long time ago I said in a Video that Luke was better looking the Linus or something on those lines, boy was I wrong, Linus gets better and better like a fine wine, if I was a girl.. oh let's talk about this great video instead A Bottleneck…

  6. my bottle neck is my gtx 1050 my birthday is coming up if you want you can send me a rtx gift lol I will even pay for shipping to the us its pretty bad when you can't run cod warzone without speed glitches i have an strix mb with 24Gb 3200mhz ram with two m.2-512Gb drives

  7. Thank you for this video! I've been trying to explain this to people a few times and quite often the other person didn't understand what I was explaining or they just ignored the facts and presented counterarguments using bottleneck "calculator" websites.

  8. I specced my pc accordingly.I waited for more than a year before i bought my 1070 ti on the second hand market.One thing i didn't wait on was my memory.I bought it when they were still expensive.I paid 1.3k per module for 2666mhz 8gb.Now i can get the 3000mhz for 1k.I just don't think it's worth it as i don't game much and all my games i do play runs 100fps+

  9. Bottleneck? How about Folding@Home on multicore CPUs like the Ryzen 9s and Threadrippers. Add in the bottleneck of some dubious Windows scheduler decisions possibly linked to the CPU quality index. Then mix in varying CPU loading and pepper with simultaneous GPU folding controlled by hand tuned "Processor Lasso" profiles. Fit all that all into a 12 minute video? Probably not.

  10. when you have a GTX1070 and could use an upgrade to a RTX3070, but that would barely omprove anyhting because your i7-700k isn't what it used to be, however upgrading that requires a new motherboard. So you end up with a reusable fan and powersupply. F it, those GPU's aren't in stock anyway.

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