Alert — There’s A New Malware Out There Snatching Users’ Passwords

Alert — There's A New Malware Out There Snatching Users' Passwords 1

A previously undocumented malware downloader has been spotted in the wild in phishing attacks to deploy credential stealers and other malicious payloads.

Dubbed “Saint Bot,” the malware is said to have first appeared on the scene in January 2021, with indications that it’s under active development.

“Saint Bot is a downloader that appeared quite recently, and slowly is getting momentum. It was seen dropping stealers (i.e. Taurus Stealer) or further loaders (example), yet its design allows [it] to utilize it for distributing any kind of malware,” said Aleksandra “Hasherezade” Doniec, a threat intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes.

password auditor

“Furthermore, Saint Bot employs a wide variety of techniques which, although not novel, indicate some level of sophistication considering its relatively new appearance.”

The infection chain analyzed by the cybersecurity firm begins with a phishing email containing an embedded ZIP file (“”) that claims to be a bitcoin wallet when, in fact, it’s a PowerShell script under the guise of .LNK shortcut file. This PowerShell script then downloads the next stage malware, a WindowsUpdate.exe executable, which, in turn, drops a second executable…

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