[Video] 7 Years Late is Better than Never.

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[Video] 7 Years Late is Better than Never. 1
[Video] 7 Years Late is Better than Never. 2
[Video] 7 Years Late is Better than Never. 3
[Video] 7 Years Late is Better than Never. 4
[Video] 7 Years Late is Better than Never. 5

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  1. Battle eye is so terrible anyway, I'm not sure why they even bother banning vm users when it can't even detect players that rappel on defense during prep phase and fly into the sky to wipe the entire other team

  2. Okay my primitive 3D Printer, so how to do it? You need rocket furnance burn anything at that what you want then later printing directly from gasses burned at lightfiber laser printers. Tadam and that really works. So at such printer you could even make a regular one molecular printer directly from state of overheaten gass. While cooling down to neceseary levels of crystalizacy or sublimacy.

  3. I don't like giving credit to Nvidia because they solved a problem they created out of the blue
    but hey you don't need a quadro anymore.
    Guys sell them now for inflated prices to us thristy peasants gamers

  4. Hi linus, can you segment a video like top 3 kings build pc based on your own criteria and post it in your office wall. 😁 and update us who can beat and replace the 3 kings you build pc.

  5. yeah, nah, good that they finally "allow" us to use the hardware we bought, but still too little, way too late. I'm not gonna insult my Linux boxes with your proprietary blobs, just so you can keep the option open to lock me out of my own hardware, whenever you think you sold it to me too cheap. Hello in-kernel amdgpu driver, fuck you nvidia.

  6. Nvidia is showing no support for linux, this move is just to keep their cloud gaming service and partners happy.

    Their linux drivers are still closed source garbage and they still are not complying with new open standards for Wayland which is the future of linux-desktop.

  7. I got a 360mm fan water cooler for 94usd because I saved 30 dollars with the sale and the honey coupon… because of stuff like that I tell everyone IK about honey

  8. AMD does something similar. I don't think you can install their consumer drivers on Windows Server and you cannot have both consumer and workstation drivers at the same time on Windows 10. (as of a year or so ago. I haven't tested recently)

  9. hey i look all your videos from sweiss and i want to build the ultimate pc for trading for sreaming for gaming and programming ,, maybee you can help me i want to build as well an gpu rig like in this video i really want maximum plus and more power that i ever need

  10. I'm betting this whole block was put into place not because of people on Linux who wanted to game, but people in the corporate world who wanted GPU power for VDI, or similar setups where you needed to buy ludicrously overpriced Quadros. The Linux gamers were just collateral damage.

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