[Video] Apple HULK SMASHES the Competition – WAN Show April 23, 2021

Timestamps (Courtesy of Dylan Richards) [OVERVIEW] 00:00:16 | Topic #1: Apple 4/20 Event [00:02:08] –:–:– | Topic #2: Tile Seeks to Reinforce Ongoing …

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  1. With talking about the new iMac, I'm amazed they don't just provide the ethernet power brick for all models. Think about it, they just made a second SKU for themselves instead of one. They could have easily just included that power adapter with ethernet with every M1 iMac…..

  2. Linus needs to go to the same barber as the other guy. Like nyaow. Also sounds like how I'd imagine a gummy bear with a voice would. Also eyedrops. You're welcome. Wish me success.

  3. 12:00 I've got the Harry Potter box set on UHD BR, and while they are grainy films (so the resolution isn't a big upgrade from the standard BR) the HDR makes them look fantastic IMO. (I know some people are into grainy films, I'm not really)

  4. 11:38 It's the same with high refreshrate displays. When I say the words "display refreshrate" to my friends and family, they go: "What?"
    Exactly. And that is why Apple don't do it, because they know most don't know of the existense of that concept.

  5. Got to agree, Titanfall 2 is amazing. I rarely replay single player games but keep going back to that one! (Just waiting to get a copy of Vorpx to try and play it again in VR).

  6. I'm not an Apple guy, I'm not a tablet guy, but not seeing an amazing value in a Ipad pro for $100 is just stupid, Luke. Come on. There's a ton of stuff that you can use it for.

  7. Good on Based Luke to keep things in a budget and realistic. I'm sure if everyone has USD $900+ burning a hole in their pockets they would jump on the M1 iPad (I know I would), but some of us have a budget, and gotta, you know, eat and pay bills, and fix cars, and other stuff.

    If I'm spending $900 right now, it's going into my car, that's just reality for me rn.

  8. It would be good if Luke did use an iPad, then maybe he'd realise how trash the Floatplane app is on one. The rotation issues, the endless need to log back in (the only app I use that insists I keep logging in so I just use YouTube because FP is too much hassle), and why, why why does it sometimes just show the spinner the entire time a video streams?!? I mean it doesn't need to be the new Pro but if the Floatplane crew could get with the iOS/iPadOS thing that would be good.

  9. When my wife wanted to buy her iPhone 12 pro max she had to wait over a month due to high demand and supply shortages… just FYI that was a global thing, but obviously not detrimental.

  10. My Tablet PC is a very important device in my household, I use it everywhere at home to watch youtube etc. in bed after I wake up to start the day and maybe listen to some music, on the toilet, when brushing my teeth, at breakfast, really whenever I'm at multiple places and not at my desk.
    It's great for reading E-books, Mangas, other stuff that's not always available for E-Ink devices and it fullfills all of my Smartphone/Android needs as well, since I don't have a Smartphone anymore.
    though I have to admit, ever since I got a touchscreen at my bedside PC, I've seen way less use for my Tablet (also because it is sort of broken atm. and no budget for a new one).
    12.9 inches is probably the deal breaker for me though, I really liked the 10.1" upgrade from 8" and previously 7", but now I would just choose a 13.3" 2in1 Laptop instead of a tablet that size, and for my portable tablet setup I do want 8" again to also use for gaming.

    Yeah okay, scratch that, I don't see the point in the 12.9" Tablet as well… just get a 2in1 Laptop, especially at that price.
    For 100 or even 500 I would still take it.

  11. Linus: The new iPad has a a huge, fantastic display and thunderbolt and a freak'n M1!

    Luke: Yeah, but iPadOS.

    I definitely agree with Luke there. Those features are all very nice, especially at the price point… but I just have absolutely no use for a tablet with a mobile OS. I'd be much more likely to buy it if they just put macOS on it. But then I might as well get a Mac Book.

  12. Some retailers here in Mexico are under fire for using their retail cards in their own massive mining rigs, selling cards that they didn't have, using the money to make their mining operation larger and then refunding the money later.

    Mexico is a hell of a place.

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