[Video] Goodbye Discord!! – WAN Show March 26, 2021

Timestamps (Courtesy of BlackWings) 0:11 Intro – discord acquisition, intel tick tok, semi conducter shortage at crisis point, acer was hit with a 50 million dollar …

[Video] Goodbye Discord!! - WAN Show March 26, 2021 1
[Video] Goodbye Discord!! - WAN Show March 26, 2021 2
[Video] Goodbye Discord!! - WAN Show March 26, 2021 3
[Video] Goodbye Discord!! - WAN Show March 26, 2021 4
[Video] Goodbye Discord!! - WAN Show March 26, 2021 5

49 Comments on “[Video] Goodbye Discord!! – WAN Show March 26, 2021”

  1. "Do you even want to tell people when they're coming?"
    "No." … "Yeah, I mean… sorry!" Haha…
    But telling them on the videos IS still telling us when those are coming, anyway–just really short notice. (That's not a complaint; just a statement of truth.)

  2. How will you verify actual gamers after the in-person event, and how will you not lose financially (even eventually with some sort of indirect gain-back) by donating the partial cost from the scalping to gamers by selling the cards at that lower cost?

  3. Point about solo in Tarkov, it can actually be easier to learn the game than teaming, in squads you're always second guessing yourself, always wondering if those footsteps are a friend or foe, always the "is that you?" moment. In solo you're free of all that, everyone is a target and you don't have the false sense of security of having other people around you, you will play more cautious, people develop bad habits when they only team. I recommend learning exits and scav spawns in offline and just jumping in yourself, teaming is usually bad for new players because they become dependent.

  4. No Linus don't give money to the scalpers and touts of this world they are parasites, But if I promice not to sell for a profit the 1080 I just bought will that be enough to stop you.

  5. Credit where it's due, I got that infinite validation error message and I waited a couple hours. I emailed LTT about it, and they got back to me later that same afternoon. Good job guys, I'll be back for the next gauntlet.

  6. I would rather buy GPUs from LTT Store through the Verified Actual Gamer Program than you feed the beast that is scalpers. Tbh I’m not in the market for a GPU but I love the Idea!

  7. I appreciate the gesture of buying card from scalpers to get them to gamers as a one-off, but not as a practice. Doing it once to help out the community is a nice and helpful thing, but making it a practice would simply reinforce the scalper market.

  8. Maybe its already well into happening but id rather go without a nice new GPU than giving the scalpers exactly what they want buy having people buy them. If people stop buying from scalpers demand will go down and eventually prices will normalize.

  9. Verified gamer…have them message you guys from their steam profiles so you can see how many hours they play…Of course some of us may have you recommend counselling rather than a GPU when you see the hours played recently.

  10. I think the push back against buying from scalpers is that long term we would rather have scalpers stuck with a million cards they cant shift thus discouraging them from scalping gpus in future. It was a great and generous offer from you but most of your viewers are long term pc gamers who will be taking a bigger picture approach to our current drought.

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