[Video] I Finally Started a Mac Channel…. – WAN Show April 16, 2021

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[Video] I Finally Started a Mac Channel.... - WAN Show April 16, 2021 1
[Video] I Finally Started a Mac Channel.... - WAN Show April 16, 2021 2
[Video] I Finally Started a Mac Channel.... - WAN Show April 16, 2021 3
[Video] I Finally Started a Mac Channel.... - WAN Show April 16, 2021 4
[Video] I Finally Started a Mac Channel.... - WAN Show April 16, 2021 5

46 Comments on “[Video] I Finally Started a Mac Channel…. – WAN Show April 16, 2021”

  1. 16:40 FACTS!! I am a tech nerd, a very big tech nerd, I have run his own homebrew solutions to things but I eventually just stopped because it was too much of a hassle. And people like my fiancée who are tech litterate but really can't be bothered with setting up her own stuff because she is too busy. Those people absolutely should be catered too because they should have an avenue to get into more tech! She has often told me, why would I set up a plex server when netflix exists and I think that's the thing right there. We just don't care because why would I spend so many hours setting up my stuff when I can jsut pay a few bucks a month to have someone else worry about server maintenance and stuff

  2. On the whole Epic thing. It isn't that Epic don't want to pay the 30% fee. They don't want to pay ANY fee, but still have access to it and the user base. They want to freeload basically. Arguing you have a monopoly on your own store is absolutely asinine. They're basically demanding that say McDonalds MUST carry products from Burger King or anyone else within their stores, and to also allow them to use their own payment processing and not have to pay them at any point. Or that Walmart MUST allow Target to have stores within their stores. It's dumb. The market is the app store/mobile app market, not the individual stores of the wider market. Epic are arguing in bad faith. It would also come back and bite them if they won because what would then be stopping Valve from demanding they're able to sell their products in the EGS and use their own payment processor and bypass any and all fee's? It's as dumb now as it was the day they filed.

  3. lol love that you've recruited such a stereotypical hipster to front Mac Address, says it all really. But yeah, nah, not going to be subscribing – couldn't be less interested, soz…

  4. You guys could easily get in to any segment you want if it relates to tech.
    You already have a massive fan base, a lot of whom are gamers. I know I would instantly subscribe to a game review channel if you made one.

  5. Sorry but by implying the mac audience isn't savvy enough for bitwarden or keepass or just unwilling to use open software, Linus just very clearly demonstrated that it's a good thing he has less to do with the new mac channel. I mean… if that were true … then how is snazzylabs that successful? Most bigger videos on his channel are not holding back on details.

  6. Medical transcription services are crazy expensive. I got a personal dragon medical license for about $3K for few years of updates, but could spend that much on a transcriptionist every month.

    Second, medical documents use medical terminology, which is basically an entirely different language. There is no way that a phone option would be able to transcribe a medical document.

    Lastly, I would agree that medical dragon is actually pretty crappy, and messes up all the time. It takes forever to train it to your voice, and still messes up way too much.

  7. The thing I don't get about complaining about work conditions at Amazon is if it were so terrible then people just wouldn't work there.
    Ultimately all the jobs at Amazon are going to disappear anyway, if everyone working at Amazon today quit their job they'd have robots in place to do the same job by the end of the month. The only reason Amazon has a human workforce is because they can do it cheaper than automation right now.

  8. Perfectly said. You have to remember to know what and who your audience is, and a lot of Apple people care more about the fluff than specs. It is a totally different audiences.

  9. Newsflash, voting with your wallet doesn't work since effin 1940's or something. Even coordinated efforts barely cause a ripple today. Too many idiots that just keep using Youtube, keep using Amazon, keep using whatever, and more often than not there's not even an alternative choice anymore.

  10. I don’t agree with Linus on the Apple vs Epic thing. For one Epic has yet to prove that Apple is a monopoly. They have to first prove that the AppStore is its own market, but if that applies to Apple it applies to everything else like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, or even possibly Epics EGS. It just doesn’t make sense as an argument imo because does not hold the majority of the smart phone market.

  11. The word you're looking for is Skeuomorphism which describes interface objects that mimic their real-world counterparts. It is of Greek origin and is compounded from the word skeuos (σκεῦος), meaning "container or tool", and morphḗ (μορφή), meaning "shape".

  12. Funny that when I search for "mac adress" on youtube the first video I get is a tech quickie of Luke explaining what a mac adress is and the chanel is nowhere to be seen on the results…

  13. Do people understand how bad it is for everyone when the giant tech corporations/monopolies keep buying up, merging with or otherwise acquiring All the competition? It’s Horrible for the consumer, and everyone just celebrates it like it’s a normal thing. It is Not.

  14. employees have to pee in bottles at any delivery driving job, ups usps, amazon, fedex. if you wannsa make your route times and not get fired you dont have time to sotp and pee somewhere

  15. The reason I commented to mention bitwarden on Mac address is not because it is self hosted or diy. It's because it is (or at least can be) the exact same as what lastpass free was, and it was mentioned that lastpass free is the only free, hosted password manager. Loved the show either way

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