[Video] I Sent Corridor Digital the WORST VFX Workstation

Photoshop has been around for so long that it’s synonymous with photo editing – So much so that Corridor Digital thinks they can do it with ANY version. Let’s put …

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  1. “Hey guys, the Linus team sent us a VFX workstation!”
    “Oh wow, it must be super fast!”

    Thanks for transporting us back to our childhoods and helping us appreciate where we came from. Loved collabing with you guys!

  2. YouTube user Action Retro made 2 websites tailored specifically for very old hardware which is 68k(dot)news, which brings you the latest news, and frogfind(dot)com, a search engine which goes the extra mile to make search results and webpages readable on said hardware.

    Then there's theoldnet(dot)com which allows you to browse ancient versions of many web pages, from the internet archive, on old browsers.

    You guys should give 68Knews and FrogFind a try, on the old Macintosh hardware!

    We actually had a challenge on the MacYak Discord where participants would use a 68K or PowerPC Macintosh for a week.

  3. Well, this is my last ltt video, and I won't even watch it, I'm just tired of all this clickbaity and lame stuff (in my opinion) all over my sub page. I'm unsubbing from all of your channels. Best wishes to all lmg

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