[Video] I'm a Top 1% OnlyFans Creator… – WAN Show April 2, 2021

Timestamps (Courtesy of Ben Fayers) 00:00 – Live and headlines 01:33 – Intro 02:17 – OnlyFans chat 30:03 – (Still part of OF Chat) “We opened up the option for …

[Video] I'm a Top 1% OnlyFans Creator... - WAN Show April 2, 2021 1
[Video] I'm a Top 1% OnlyFans Creator... - WAN Show April 2, 2021 2
[Video] I'm a Top 1% OnlyFans Creator... - WAN Show April 2, 2021 3
[Video] I'm a Top 1% OnlyFans Creator... - WAN Show April 2, 2021 4
[Video] I'm a Top 1% OnlyFans Creator... - WAN Show April 2, 2021 5

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  1. Linus came across like entitled Karen who single-handedly selfbuilt the entire 13m sub LTT, forgetting, that if even 50% of his writers or editors quit the next day, his empire will be eaten by the YT Algorithm by the time he gets enough of competent people to refill those vacant slots.

    Linus got shafted by NCIX back in the day but managed to negotiate his way out of it, and now he is the one whos making sure no one can follow his lead. Ironic
    I hope he pays them well..

  2. On the 10 million subscriber PC, I seem to recall one of the first WAN shows I watched Luke and Linus talked about building a case with the various play buttons LTT had.

  3. I'm not sure proprietary knowledge is really what Linus meant. How to build a company or run a business isn't proprietary knowledge, not unless you could show it's somehow like something specific to you. Even better if it's patented, and then it's legally proprietary. But just training someone to do a job is not proprietary by any means. Again, I think Linus is way out of his league trying to explain what he's talking about.

  4. Linus does a really bad job of just saying, if you compete with us while working with us, we'll have problems. Like you can't pay someone to be in your videos extraneous to their role (writer, editor, videographer, etc) and then control their likeness and audience without paying for it.

  5. Hmm, Hypocrite much Linus?
    So you don't think your employees should be able to promote themselves, get better, make money off the back of LTT? You've created this LTT 'thing' and you don't like others using it to propel themselves to 'betterdom'. ( I do agree with you in principal on this , I would feel the same)
    Along comes this other company who designs their stuff in such a way that others can't access it, can't make money from it or profit from it and now its a problem? Just so happens this other company is a massive behemoth of a company who's net worth is god knows what , but it's ok ?
    Can't have your cake and eat it bud.

  6. The April fools video was brilliant Linus, one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. You shouldn't be made to feel bad for a harmless funny joke, people are to sensitive nowadays. Keep doing you!

  7. @1:28:00 "they [Apple] did the math", yea, if apple care was losing money it would either A) be more expensive, or B) not exist. Apple isn't doing anything that doesn't make them more money, or at the very least they aren't doing things that actively lose them money. I mean look at the BOM costs of an iPhone vs the sale prices. Yea, yea, yea, design time, but even a team of 40 people making an average of 200k/yer working for a year to design an iphone works out to $0.50 per unit assuming my quick google of iphone 11 sales volume (16million units) is even remotely correct. Even if you triple or quadruple the team size, it's still single digit dollars per unit.

  8. a few days ago the screen of my s8 broke, it cost nearly the same as an s8 in my country, i bought it for a fraction of the price in aliexpress and i am waiting for it to arrive now

  9. Holy shit, they're actually keeping the cash from this stupid stunt. I just assumed they'd donate it to charity, but no, he's pocketing it. LTT continues to get shittier and shitter.

  10. If I work in a bakery during the week and as a person heaps passionate about making bread. It should be okay to make my own bread in my own time and share it with my community. My bread on the weekend might even be better as I'm restricted when I'm working for a bakery.
    Innovation can be amazing.

  11. I subscribed for the lulz and to show my friends who are also LTG followers. I totally got the joke and expected that it would be shut down after a day or so. Y'all keep doing you. It was a way for me to support you as a person in poverty as well. I love you all. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  12. the OF thing is about ppl paying for a month and not getting what they paid for the 30 days if you closes after 7 days. other creators open a page for 3-4 days and closes and run off with all the subscription money but never fulfil there 30 days what ppl bought.

    its like if you bought a month pass to a theme park but the theme park closes 7 days in.

  13. Linus is conflating "market will regulate itself" with corporatism. Corporatism is the opposite of a free market. When you assume the state is protecting your interests when it has materially demonstrated that it regulates in favor of big players how do you continue to trust the state to regulate a solution that you'll be happy with? You're just asking for failure. They use the law to limit competition. Linus, you are so close to getting it, but you have to deal with root causes.

    Telling a company it should be forced to operate a certain way in order to advance your interests is unethical.

    Get used to the idea of NOT asking a company for permission to repair products you own. Put your money where your mouth is and buy from companies that advance this new ethos of sustainability versus lining politicians pockets with money in the hopes that you can slide the scale one iota in your favor. The fact that the power even exists in the first place to rig the outcome is THE PROBLEM. Using unethical means to do what you think is good is not good.

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