[Video] Intel and Nvidia copied AMD – PCI-E Resizable BAR

Note: The GE76 Raider (With a 3080) has a TDP of 150w AMD’s Smart Access Memory has been a thorn in Intel and Nvidia’s side since the release of the …

[Video] Intel and Nvidia copied AMD - PCI-E Resizable BAR 1
[Video] Intel and Nvidia copied AMD - PCI-E Resizable BAR 2
[Video] Intel and Nvidia copied AMD - PCI-E Resizable BAR 3
[Video] Intel and Nvidia copied AMD - PCI-E Resizable BAR 4
[Video] Intel and Nvidia copied AMD - PCI-E Resizable BAR 5

42 Comments on “[Video] Intel and Nvidia copied AMD – PCI-E Resizable BAR”

  1. All the CPUs and GPUs which are supported can get it right off the bat so idk why you're saying the laptop is gonna be the first , i literally got resizable bar day 1

  2. Good video and great explanation on how the Bar works. I'll say this, though… with devices like the NUC pushing the size of motherboards down to dimensions like 4"x4", I really don't see where companies have a choice in the matter when it comes to developing features like this. Desktops will always stand apart from the rest, but mobile processing has been enjoying its day for a while now. Nvidia HAS to keep up.

  3. I want to know, why the RTX2060 has Resizable BAR extended Capability, but only support 16MB BAR size (by using TeleScan PE into my PC)
    – Resizable BAR Capability Register is 00000100h
    – Resizable BAR Control Register is 0460h

  4. Will there be any follow up videos afterward,
    really wanna know how it performances when 'the ladies and gents in the lab have done enough work to make it mature'

  5. so i had your notifications on and now they are off (hint: GPU's For Gamers Movement) . i never turned them off and now when i go to turn them on it dosnt let me, it says the content is made for kids or something. it auto turns it off everytime i click turn on. please someone help so i can be informed of this video!!!!!!!!!! ITS IMPORTANT!!!

    please get to top so linus can see my problem if you cant help!!!!!!

  6. Wait, you're telling me I should go back to the gruesome AMD GPUs if I wanna stick to Ryzen? (for it to access the whole VRAM)

    Jesus… I really really really want a better AMD CPU + nVidia GPU functionality.
    And what monster of a human uses AMD GPUs voluntarily? You're telling me that AMD GPUs and CPUs work better together but I still see the curse of ATI maintaining its cancerous presence. ( #threadstuckindevicedriver )

  7. this powersupply will last 10 months or 2 years with luck. then good luck finding a replacement for under 200 bucks.
    seriously when will laptop PSUs finally get active cooling. they consume amounts of power comparable to desktops and still pretend to be small, portable (they weigh a f***ton) and be efficent enough to be cooled passively. 280W is propably barely enough under load.
    i kinda wish for an external 24 pin connector-like solution to use it with a normal psu when at home. this could increase life span of (gaming) laptops a lot.

  8. That laptop sounds pretty good but it's just couldn't convince me to get another one. Last week, the graphics card in laptop just broke and I couldn't fix it because there's no parts for it and my only choice right now is just get a new one entirely. So, I was like fk it, time to build a compact PC, at least I could get the parts if anything breaks.

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