[Video] It's time.

If you build it, they (developers) will come – at least that’s the idea behind this open source smart watch. Follow the project: …

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  1. Nah it’s ugly af. It doesn’t have wireless charging and it uses microB🤮. Round smart watches are gross And it’s all plastic. I’ll stick with Apple Watch better connectivity, looks better, wireless charging. Not gross micro b. Idc about Apple getting my head rate data and stuff

  2. Linus in this video: "We want this to succeed because the owner believes users have the right to privacy"

    Linus in the Oculus Quest 2 Video: "lmao data privacy is dead anyways so why not give Zuck your info???"

  3. Another possible idea is for those who work in buildings that don't allow PEDs as the microphone and wireless communications could be used for bad-guy stuff. If you wear a smart watch outside the office, you get used to creature comforts like, specialized watch faces, reminders to stand up and stretch, multiple alarms, larger time digits for those with vision issues, or even an hourly chime. Multiple things that come easy to smart watches but you can't always find on conventional watches.

  4. I don't like the clickbait nature of this video. "It's time." doesn't tell me anything and you blocked out the watch with a big triangle and a question mark. I had no idea what I was going to watch before clicking, and in fact, I clicked it to find out what it was time for. That being said, it did work, it got me to watch the video, and I did enjoy the video. Still, try not to do too much clickbait like this please 🙂

  5. Hey @Linus can u send me a smartphone any smartphone is ok coz I can’t afford any smartphone in 2021 they so expensive message me on Instagram @rishi_rajan28

  6. Other than for something like a Giga Pet, I still see no reason for wearables. I already have a mobile device that does so much more. Unless I'm tracking a serious medical issue that needs to be monitored twenty four seven, they're just a waste of money.

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