[Video] I've always wanted to try these

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  1. No amount of lenses, gimmicks, and algorithmic processing will substitute a larger sensor size, or come close to replicating.

    However I was surprised at the performance of some of the lenses. Not what I was expecting .

  2. I didn't know you guys are based out of the Vancouver area! I thought for sure everyone lived in Toronto! I kept focusing on if I've been to those areas since moving here 🙂

  3. Seriously, to be brutally honest, this 120$ one is crap, maybe even the 45$ one.

    A cheap 10$ Lens is better suited, but not for iPhones and Note 20s, but for Mi A2s and Nokia 6.1s. These cheaper phones don't have Ultrawide/Tele, so these lenses actually give optical zoom/ultrawide

    By the time you're even spending 45+45$ for the Xenvo AND an iPhone/Note 20, you're spending ~100$ extra on a 1000$ phone where you already paid for the extra cameras and that 100$ too, likely will only interfere with the AI Photography (which all phones have) and make it worse.
    If you're ready to add so much bulk and spend such big bucks, just get a point and shoot camera, still better than most phones and will give true photography (not AI polished versions)

  4. Man, small world. My ex's cousin started working for Moment shortly after they started. I had a play around with one of their prototypes around 2015/2016. Seemed like a cool concept, but phone cameras have come soooo far since then that for the average consumer I just don't think the add-on lenses are worth it (which ultimately is what Brandon concluded).

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