[Video] Maybe Building Your Own PC is a BAD Idea

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45 Comments on “[Video] Maybe Building Your Own PC is a BAD Idea”

  1. I love how everyone seem to hate the 12-pin PCI-e connector nvidia made for the 30 series cards but Linus just said "they really should have made a 10-pin PCI-e connector" like it's some great idea.

  2. Without that 18:4520:40 section it wasn't too terrifying. But I feel, next time in these cases you should add a a big warning at the beginning of the video or a screen before the part with something like this: "scroll to 20:40, if you have a hearth condition".
    Otherwise well done, Sara!

  3. I love the fact that they can have someone who works there who really doesn't know much about computers and can represents people with little knowledge about them. But also, should we be worried that they have someone who knows this little about computers? lol

  4. I was waiting for a video where she does all of this after that secret shopper videos. And its finally here and definitely didn't disappoint. She needs to feature more on such videos.

  5. Just wanna say that you're amazing Sarah. You both did a fine job considering it's your first time and kept up a great attitude and confidence throughout. There's no way I could have done that if I was in your shoes, knowing that I'd have potentially millions of experts watching and judging me. Nerves would have gotten the better of me. Great job!

  6. Why would a tech youtube channel hire a employee with no technical skill eventhough she works on different field ! They should have atleast basic knowledge about the company and it's portfolio. This is ridiculous or she is pretending to not knowing about pc and is very good at that.

  7. I've built a couple of computers only, and one of the times I managed to destroy something, but I STILL hate putting on the cooler… Well, at least the ones I've ended up picking for some reason. Good coolers but bad mounting tech. I HATE the ones with the brackets, like the Pure Rock Slim I have right now… I just couldn't manage to get the other end on there and it took me forever to manage it, and then when I finally got it on there I realized I had put the metal thing with the lever on it in the wrong direction (which was never mentioned or shown anywhere BTW) and that meant I couldn't mount the fan in a push configuration… It IS working perfectly well in pull but yeah, the manufacturers could do a better jog of showing how you are supposed to out those things on there. I feel I will have the same issue next time I build a PC (except for the router I'm building because that will use the default cooler which uses screws instead, or maybe it's push-pin :p I will seriously avoid any bracket shit in the future, I always feel like I'm using too much force and still not getting it to fit. There can be a lot of future improvement on those things…

  8. This was more stressful for Linus than for Sarah,

    Also i would have suggested Sarah to buy a 2nd hand cheap GPU, and wait till the RX series is back in stock/normal pricing

  9. It was painful along the way but at the end she did it 🙂
    Surprisingly good for someone that i think has very little experience at building PC's! …right? Just joined in at this Channel and watched like 50 Videos in the last 5 Days x)

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