[Video] OnePlus 9 – The Crippled Camera

Review of the OnePlus 9 with a discussion of the lack of OIS on the camera. Compared to the OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 8 Pro

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[Video] OnePlus 9 - The Crippled Camera 1
[Video] OnePlus 9 - The Crippled Camera 2
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23 Comments on “[Video] OnePlus 9 – The Crippled Camera”

  1. why dont you make a positive video for once and do a new comparison between the oneplus 9 pro, s21 ultra and ishit, 2-3 updates now and the camera has improved massively

  2. Which phone can I get now? I was hoping for the Oneplus 9 to have a good camera but now I don't know which phone to get. Can anyone suggest? I can't go out of budget. 700 bucks.

  3. I’ve been waiting for your review since the presentation day, I knew it would be different and better then any other! Would you still recommend to buy the oneplus 9 over the 9pro though?

  4. Watch Geekyranjit video about the same. It's even worse for Indian consumers. They removed wireless charging in the Indian unit. It also just supports two 5G bands. Ofcourse 5G is still non-existent in India, but there's no doubt this phone won't be future proof.

    Hats off to reviewers like Dave and Ranjit who spit out the facts without remorse…

  5. They should just stick to $750 mark. No Pro, No Lite, No quarterly updates, Nothings. Just give the best possible experience and be the defacto of that range. Apple does it well, Samsung is getting a hold of this. OnePlus is really going down. INR 65K for a Pro, rather people will get S21 or iPhone 12. Those are the big boys.

  6. I would buy Xiaomi Mi 11 instead that costs 677.48 USD in my country. It has 1440p 120hz, much better main camera, amazing stereo speakers, and costs less than this OIS-less Oneplus 9.

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