[Video] OnePlus Watch Unboxing…

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[Video] OnePlus Watch Unboxing... 1
[Video] OnePlus Watch Unboxing... 2
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39 Comments on “[Video] OnePlus Watch Unboxing…”

  1. Oneplus say 14 days of battery life,Lew says that's ambitious I'll take a week 🤣😂🤣😂.he probably be playing battle royale on the watch 🤣😂

  2. Almost 2 years ago I bought "amazfit pace 2" yesterday its strap gave up, watch still works fine, lasts over a week on 100% battery
    I was wondering which watch should i go for next. This one's perfect.

  3. Plz can I get that watch i am inserch of a good smart watch
    I have subscribed you long ago
    You inspire me a lot . Even i want to be a YouTube like you
    My address,
    India karnataka, banglore 91
    Seegehalli gate magadi road

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