[Video] Our Craziest Cooling Project Yet

On today’s episode of Linus Tech Tips the gang gets more wet than usual! Buy an AIO CPU Cooler (PAID LINK): Buy some Noctua Fans …

[Video] Our Craziest Cooling Project Yet 1
[Video] Our Craziest Cooling Project Yet 2
[Video] Our Craziest Cooling Project Yet 3
[Video] Our Craziest Cooling Project Yet 4
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41 Comments on “[Video] Our Craziest Cooling Project Yet”

  1. Sorry but this is too cringy to finish.
    I understand its more for entertainment than practicality sake. but as an engineer this video hurt me deep down. Linus, you have this MASSIVE dream workshop and a decent budget, and you greenlight this mess of a project to be broadcasted? Theres so much potential for a serious version of this project, if you would just take some time to plan it out and execute.

    I dont like this format where you risk components (eg. leaking water on a gpu) for the sake of entertainment, when alot of us (your fans) are having a hard time buying this stuff due to the current silicon shortage. Im under the impression you are sent hardware for free, so please, treat it like you spent your hard earned money on it, like the rest of us.

  2. If they had the right fittings, and the seals on the fittings, this video would have been awesome.
    Look at your local hardware store for the correct reducers and fittings, I don't think using a bike tire inner tube would have worked anyways haha.

  3. At the beginning of this video I was yelling at my monitor as I have successfully done a car radiator for liquid cooled number crunching rig years ago…
    Then I realized you were going for a 'keystone cops' motif X~D FUN
    BTW. Home improvement store pvc reducers can come in handy and ebay has auto radiators for way cheaper ;~)
    P.S. Put your radiator in front of an ac vent 8~]

  4. 3 minutes in… nonononono don't use the trans cooler in the loop! It's a small chamber that sits in the main coolant that is in the end-tank, so what comes out of the main loop is going to go back into the main loop. Might make the pump work pretty hard.

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