[Video] Roasting Your WORST Setups

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[Video] Roasting Your WORST Setups 1
[Video] Roasting Your WORST Setups 2
[Video] Roasting Your WORST Setups 3
[Video] Roasting Your WORST Setups 4
[Video] Roasting Your WORST Setups 5

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  1. My rig looks super awesome, i'm really proud of it. well .. except from the 6+8pin cable from my GPU to my PSU.. I have no idea how people use cable combs, they frustrate the hell out of me. I've tried like 10 times to make it look good using them, gave up in the end.they just refuse to stay put, and so the cable looks nice, but untidy.

  2. Dude.. It's WAAAY better with many outlets in the wall than using dumb power bars🙈🤣 Looks way better too and is just much better in general.
    But yes.. That was a HORRIBLE surround sound setup…🤣🤣 That was litteraly a prime example on how to NOT put up a surround system😂😂

  3. please do this again. Didn’t see where I could submit or hear about it, or I would’ve posted my grotty non dusted setup. Don’t dust it because in process of building new rig lol

  4. Can't believe you guys fry someone for having an optical drive. What if they're ripping CD and DVD to NAS for archiving and world wide playback access? That is totally uber geek and anticool, so in this context, Cool AF.

  5. 12:10 and 12:30 I am in the same boat lol. I'm lucky I have a 10900k so I can at least use the computer to test my components but it sucks to finally be able to afford a high end GPU and can even buy it.

  6. Linus I wanted to give you a video suggestion thread, I posted this on the forums but
    you never replied, four years back you made a video on gaming on 16 k where you used
    16 4k monitors and 4 nvdia quadro's but when you made that video 8k didn't exist, so can
    you make a video on gaming on 16k(updated way)by using 4 8k monitors with 2 8k rtx 3090's sli's or gaming on 32 k by using 8 quadro's and 8 monitors(8k).

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