[Video] “the best laptop mouse” – Razer Orochi V2

Dave2D Razer Orochi v2 review. This is the best laptop mouse right now. Just be aware of the weird marketing around it.
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  1. I'm looking for a mouse with easy switching between two devices. A lot of mice have a button for bluetooth switching on the back, but flipping the mouse every time I want to switch, is not an option for me.

  2. Has anyone here bought the ASUS ROG Keris? Is it as good as it sounds? Kinda wish Dave would make a review because the mouse seems to be really well made and it even includes 2 different sensors. Anybody got any thoughts on it?

  3. weight distribution issue can be fixed by using adapter for G305 & for Orochi v2 using same adapter and but battery in top slot then I guess it will be even better.

  4. Razer is just a bad brand. Not that they have bad products but they have bad marketing or bad pricing or other aspects where they just underperform.

  5. Wouldn't call the battery life of the Logitech g pro wireless weak tbh. Maybe worse than others in comparison but nothing to be concerned about imo

  6. I was exciting considering I loved my v1, but no rechargeable battery still? Hard pass. Need something that's wireless and rechargeable with usbc like the glorious o but cheaper

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