[Video] The NEW Surface Laptop – M1 MacBook Competition!

AMD Surface Laptop 4 Review (13.5″) compared against the Apple M1 MacBook Pro and Air
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[Video] The NEW Surface Laptop - M1 MacBook Competition! 1
[Video] The NEW Surface Laptop - M1 MacBook Competition! 2
[Video] The NEW Surface Laptop - M1 MacBook Competition! 3
[Video] The NEW Surface Laptop - M1 MacBook Competition! 4
[Video] The NEW Surface Laptop - M1 MacBook Competition! 5

21 Comments on “[Video] The NEW Surface Laptop – M1 MacBook Competition!”

  1. Used to love their products until I spent 1800e on a Surface Pro 5. For the money I paid it was a bad device, after 2.5 years of basic use for school the battery only gave me 45min, 1 hinge broke, 2 keyboards broke from their connection and now the charging port broke wasn't able to charge anymore so it's finished. Seeing what the M1 chip is capable of the Macbook is going to be my go-to device when the new ones come out.

  2. I'm a bit disappointed in you Dave. This is clearly a paid video. Comparing Surface and MacBook without the benchmarks and speed test?
    Guys watch the Appleinsider video before making a purchase decision.

  3. Nah the Surface laptop is for those who are a windows user and wants something CLOSE to M1 MacBook
    But its not even close to MacBook when it comes to performance and battery life

  4. we have Surfaces here for work, i fucking hate them as an IT engineer, not enough ports, shitty surface connect with the less than average performing surface docks.

  5. Planned obsolescence is an insult to human intelligence and a bane to the environment. Why can't we have proactive recycling? Why can't we download a paid software upgrade to revamp existing hardware? Corporations want money, okay, now they have a gun on environment's head…let's come up with a middle ground – SUBSCRIPTION HARDWARE! You have the platform and creative resources to initiate such a movement, please consider 🙂

  6. I love your videos, but what I miss is more information about the keyboard. Things like key travel and how good and comfortable it types. As a writer, I need to know these things. And it would make a comparison with Macbooks much easier.

  7. Microsoft and their battery life claims is like the guy who keeps lying about his penis size. We all know it's not that long, Microsoft… stop lying to us

  8. A Laptop that is quieter than the MacBook M1, performs better in iGPU and Multi-Core aspect, YET has comparable battery, has neat features like Touch/3D Face Unlock/Magnetic Unlock and has a great display with DeltaE<1, best keyboards, Alcantara and SO MUCH more. Yet costs 999 at launch and we know Microsoft will definitely slap offers within weeks

    You know it almost has nothing worse than the M1 Mac. And as a bonus it runs x86. YET it doesn't receive blind recommendations like the M1

    As someone who saw Microsoft fail at ARM twice with two different approaches, it really hurts to see Apple being given a clean chit and no one even mentioning the fact that that sh*t runs ARM. Apple didn't still prove by giving App Compatibility we need. But Microsoft was dissed on first generation of ARM both times

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