[Video] The World's SMOOTHEST Smartphone…

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42 Comments on “[Video] The World's SMOOTHEST Smartphone…”

  1. Hii broo i have notice one thing you reduced your weight toomuch your like difff person and i want experience that redmagic displays you may give chance to mee broo😁😁😁😁 my twttrr @KaiZeRKN007

  2. @Danilodelvalle9 i hope I'm one of the luckiest person to win red magic 6, i love playing mobile games, open world, moba, first shooting, but unfortunately mine(ikon) cant handle online games, it freezes, lags, and hangs just by using any social media apps, i always wait for my brother to go to sleep every night, every single day, so i can play the moba i install to his phone, and i am very grateful he allowed me. I'm happy that he understands me. If i ever get lucky, It will be the best gift i will ever had. I always watch your videos and admire your channel for doing a great job at unboxing gadgets, may your channel remain successful eternally, Y'all deserve it sm.

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