[Video] This Epic Studio Tour Almost Killed Me!!

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[Video] This Epic Studio Tour Almost Killed Me!! 1
[Video] This Epic Studio Tour Almost Killed Me!! 2
[Video] This Epic Studio Tour Almost Killed Me!! 3
[Video] This Epic Studio Tour Almost Killed Me!! 4
[Video] This Epic Studio Tour Almost Killed Me!! 5

44 Comments on “[Video] This Epic Studio Tour Almost Killed Me!!”

  1. Congratulations on building a media empire & employee numbers, it's great to see what's behind the scene & how many it takes to make such informative videos. I hope this inspires younger people who want to either work with or create their own channels/empires muhaaa hahaaaa 😁😎.

  2. 2:55 I know Linus doesn't show new people on probation, but this dude doesn't even have a name to bleep. He is just an uncertain number. This is aweful… but hilarious.

  3. 10 years ago I wouldn´t believe Linus could:
    1. have a huge company
    2. over 13mil subs
    3. grow a beard

    What suprised me the most is the beard… How the turntables…

    Nice job, mate. You are my favourite Canadian…

  4. Can i apply for a job? I know digital arts, 3d, matte painting, video editing and have knowledge regarding computers, and have built a couple. hehehehe

  5. ..tesla is the problem with the world imo… the globe was geared towards production and fueling the combustion engine.. to shut all that down makes it all in to pollution mean while tesla has to create new pollution to make their product… i dont like tesla i find it imminantly amusing when they get in to accidents and their thousands of IED cells become time bombs spread across the highways into the forrests not to mention when they cluster bomb inside citys.. i dont like em. they are a big ass social signal and a dick suck to gretta.

  6. lol being forced to no internet or tethering.. holy CRAP linus .. i can only imagine how much money you make the phone companys when some idiot watches one of your 8k videos on a 5gb data limit ..lol you can watch 1 8k video a month ..or else your over your data limit lol..

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