[Video] This Phone is a MONSTER!!!

Lenovo Legion Phone Dual 2 – Most powerful Phone on the market right now. It’s stacked with crazy features including a pop up camera and a built in fan cooling system

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[Video] This Phone is a MONSTER!!! 1
[Video] This Phone is a MONSTER!!! 2
[Video] This Phone is a MONSTER!!! 3
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46 Comments on “[Video] This Phone is a MONSTER!!!”

  1. This gaming phones have to be modular to make sense, These are some really expensive machines and 2 years down the line if you could switch your SD 888 for SD 900 or whatever the hell it is, That would be really cool.
    But if you can't then it'll be slower than a higher midranger on that period of time. So to appeal to gamers, this things have to modular.

  2. I dont get gaming phones honestly, Game app devs are trying to "lower the hardware bar" as it is so gaming phones are almost pointless, unless they decide to port cyberpunk on mobile.

  3. Where is the Apple Switch competitor. Yikes. Imagine a $300 Apple gaming device, iPod Switch, with a dock. Like this Lenovo phone, maybe two versions phone and not phone. When you plug it in to a dock it turns into a Mac Mini running Mac OS. Seems like a no brainer.

  4. It's a shame to call 90 watts charging as fast charing, event apple calls its 20 watt charging fast. I think it should have its own league😅😅

  5. The motorised pop-up camera is such a great feature to have in a phone.
    I don't know why is it fading away from smartphones nowadays??
    Lenevo nailed it by making it below the power button 💯

  6. Though other tech youtubers uploaded their videos on this earlier, I knew I’d wait for Dave’s simpler and brief introduction of the phone. Hats off, sir!

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