[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Build Guide 2021

We’re at it again, this time using no internal proprietary Corsair parts and relying entirely on ARGB headers for the update to our 2017 RGB Build Guide Buy Intel …

[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Build Guide 2021 1
[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Build Guide 2021 2
[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Build Guide 2021 3
[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Build Guide 2021 4
[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Build Guide 2021 5

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  2. Anthony issa soo gooood this video didnt feel like a 20 mins video…….LIEnus u need to retiree old man 🤣🤣😂😂(ps. ignore the fact that i was watching this video at 1.25x😛)


  3. Is there better RGB than Trident Z ?
    Dominator ? BallistiX ? HyperX Predator ? Viper RGB ? T Force Delta ? Xcalibur ?
    Shit ton of RAM looks better than the Trident Z….

  4. Feedback time!
    1. Plenty of detail, but missing a few important sentences: Pushing down tabs! You mention the tabs for ram and the GPU clicking, but not that you have to press them down. I know that that might seem a bit "extra?" "redundant?" Can't think of the word, but you'd be surprised with the amount of people that don't know they need to push down the tabs first.

    2. Slow it down! I don't know if the teleprompter is going too fast, or if you're even using one here, but its easy to speak pretty fast when you're nervous/anxious, so you have to sometimes hit the brakes and catch yourself. I'm a native English speaker and I had to really concentrate so I could comprehend what you were saying at some times! i.e.: Around 9:34 ~ 9:44 when you were talking about the fans

  5. I hate the RGB trend not because I think RGB is just sh!t but because there's almost no incentive to try new things… when was the last time I saw case and other pieces that really have some cool and neeew designs that aren't just 'bout shiny lights? I mean, look at the exhaustor of Xbox Series X and the new 30 series gpus, they are really cool (I really love the xsx one) and dont need tons of RGB… And again I'm not saying RGB is trash but companies just push that thing and don't do new and cool things, it's not that there's a problem to have a piece entirely shiny, the problem is when I try to find something new and cool that doesn't make me blind. Look for the rx6800 and 6700 xt, again 2 cool new components that have a nice design and could have a nice touch of rgb in the name, of even in those "X" lines between the fans and it would be a really cool way to use RGB and the card is cool and doesn't look crazy when it's just turned off
    idk maybe I'm just a being that boring person but I think I have a point that it's kinda hard to find something that is gamer, high-end and discreet while not being a boring blower gpu… Am I the only one who think it?

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