[Video] Why does Apple hate the Macbook Air??

Apple wasn’t even expected to HAVE an event this Spring, but they surprised us by not only doing one, but announcing new iPads, iMacs, and more!

[Video] Why does Apple hate the Macbook Air?? 1
[Video] Why does Apple hate the Macbook Air?? 2
[Video] Why does Apple hate the Macbook Air?? 3
[Video] Why does Apple hate the Macbook Air?? 4
[Video] Why does Apple hate the Macbook Air?? 5

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  1. I am sorry – I still would not even consider replacing my Air with an iPad until the iPad has a proper windowing system. Also the trackpad whilst good on the Magic Keyboard, is way below par compared to any MacBook. I have both iPad and MacBook Airs – and even with the new iPad, would take my Air with me out everytime as my machine of preference if i was forced to choose.

  2. Hahah I found the humor in this video highly entertaining, great video Linus. You managed to stand out in this very saturated kind of recap Apple videos

  3. I was pc all my life, then slowly transitioned to Mac. Other than my desktop gaming/editing pc, I'm on the mac ecosystem. And I have to say I love apple, but I also love that Linus keeps me grounded about it lol.

  4. You know what they really should've done to the M1 lineup? They should've brought the 12 inch MacBook with display stretched to the edges(let's say a 13 inch display like the Dell XPS 13), and rebrand it MacBook Air. The MacBook Air should be renamed as MacBook and should come with the same thermal design used for the Intel version of the Retina MacBook Air. The lower end MacBook Pro should've come with the 10th gen Intel chips that's used in the early 2020 MacBook Air way back in April when it was refreshed with a magic keyboard(the higher end 13 inch MacBook Pro came with 28W 10th Gen Intel Ice Lake chipsets). It shouldn't receive the M1 refresh to me. As for the MacBook Air, well to me it never should've got the cpu upgrade in early March because the thermals were still crap(which was intentional to make their upcoming silicon MacBook Air look a lot better). Then the M1 refresh of it would've made much more sense.

    So in short: The M1 lineup should be, a 12 inch fanless MacBook Air, a 13 inch MacBook with the same old thermal design(but with the cpu connected to the heatsink, this way the performance would be equivalent to the current M1 MacBook Pro), and an Apple TV sized Mac mini(c'mon, they put the M1 inside an iPad Pro!).

    The lower end 13 inch MacBook Pro should've come with 10th Gen 15W Intel Ice Lake chipsets that's used in the MacBook Air. This way even though the lower end 13" MacBook Pro wouldn't be as powerful as the M1 MacBooks, it'd perform way better than the Intel MacBook Air.

    I'm not obsessed with perfection but the fact that Apple somehow manages to miss so many opportunities and chooses the weird ways of all, just drives me nuts.

  5. My roku TV from TCL can be calibrated using my phone's camera…… Why are people so impressed with this? TCL is more or less a budget/mid range tv and has had this feature for quite some time. But now Apple does it and we're expected to all bask in the glory of yet another stolen idea sold to the masses as a breakthrough.

  6. Linus: * introduces Apple-related sponsor *
    Oh boy, here comes the flood of "Linus is just an Apple fanboy!" comments 🙄
    Update: at roughly 8.5 minutes in, Linus critiques Apple's marketing BS (rightly so), so here comes the flood of "Linus is a Apple hater!" comments too 🙄
    So, basically: welcome to the internet

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