[Video] You Can ACTUALLY Buy This PC!

Thanks to MSI for sponsoring this video! Buy MSI MPG Z590 Tomahawk WiFi (PAID LINK): Buy MSI MPG CORELIQUID K360 AIO CPU …

[Video] You Can ACTUALLY Buy This PC! 1
[Video] You Can ACTUALLY Buy This PC! 2
[Video] You Can ACTUALLY Buy This PC! 3
[Video] You Can ACTUALLY Buy This PC! 4
[Video] You Can ACTUALLY Buy This PC! 5

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  1. and linus tech tips says they dont suck up to sponsors, I have put 5 comments on this video stating how msi is ripping people off and everytime they remove it, this time I got a screenshot of it being on there and within 5 seconds they remove it linus you can suck it now

  2. I decided after 6 years of not having a custom build PC, to build one again and move away from my 2012 13" macbook pro to something better that I could also game on. I almost settled with a Ryzen 2400g as buying a GPU was not feasible, then my friend gave me his Radeon 7870 for £30 posted and I got myself a Ryzen 2600. This was the worst GPU ever and I really wish I went with the 2400g. But… Then I found a 1060 3gb in the back of my local store for £90 which whilst not great is better then nothing but would love something newer once prices and stock are better 🙁

  3. I still remember the hate towards MSI from LTT and GN when they tried to pull a negative review from a youtuber. If they actually donated multiple relevant gpus to verified actual gamers during global shortage that’s actually pretty decent of them.

  4. I caved and bought the cheapest public marketplace 3060 i saw in an entire month of searching which was $1350 CAD on facebook marketplace in Victoria on Vancouver Island. btw i saw you drive by me in a scrapyard wars back when i lived in Murryville next to Langley. Luke waved back but you didnt. haha.

  5. Off topic, but the video made me think of it. Are all of the Ifixit screwdrivers 2 piece? Mine tends to separate and doesnt stay together much now when the screw needs a little torque to loosen.

  6. or you can not spend $400+ on an 11700k, get an AMD (ryzen 3 or 5) series APU and STILL cloud game then upgrade later.

    save yourself some money.

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  8. I built a new PC around when NVIDIA announced the 3000 series and was planning to put a 3080 in it.

    Right now it has my old R9 290 for graphics. It actually still handles modern games alright if you're fine with low settings, 30 FPS, and sitting next to a jet engine.

  9. I feel Linus is overreacting about how bad the integrated graphics are I already am doing what they suggested and it’s by no means perfect and I can’t play high end games or at perfect setting but there’s still a lot of games that you can enjoy without a gpu.you can play games like Gta,nba 2k,csgo,Valorant and way more ofc you’ll have to be realistic with ur settings and expectations.

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