[Video] You Don't Need a Graphics Card!

We’re back with a hands-on review of the most widely available cloud gaming services to help get you through the great GPU shortage of 2021 Buy NVIDIA …

27 Comments on “[Video] You Don't Need a Graphics Card!”

  1. Hear me out, human centipede computers, make a chain of computers with first ones exhaust being the 2nd ones intake. See how many additions to the chain it takes to overheat a pc

  2. the one u killed" … even statues move more than him, congrats…
    Conclusion: "they all suck".
    If u cant play the game in your PC, why the fuck u should waste money to pretend playing them?

  3. Have you ever thought about doing a video on a gaming laptop as a go between. I had to buy one as a go between from upgrading my old system or building a new system. The GPU prices are what halted that but, upgrading from a 760 to a 2070, I cannot complain about the differences, especially considering I paid $1800 total for the laptop, and right now, a 2070 super on amazon is the same price. I'm happy with it.

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