Samsung Malaysia partners DOLLA to promote Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72

Samsung Malaysia Dolla Galaxy A series

Samsung Malaysia Electronics announced a new initiative – “A Rising Star” – to inspire and unite Malaysian youth, our rising stars, through a memorable one-of-a-kind experience. As a global leader in mobile technologies, A Rising Star demonstrates Samsung Malaysia’s commitment to enhancing the local art and music industry by providing an avenue for today’s youth to truly enjoy art and music – leveraging the unique features of the Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72.

Arts and music, in particular, is at the core of youth culture and plays an important role in advancing their socialization and creative self-expression. Not only does this campaign aim to bring together young people in Malaysia through their shared passion and appreciation for local art and music, it also draws forth youth’s potential and unite people from all walks of life.

“Youth today are influencing trends we are seeing in culture and those trends are ideated, inspired and created with their smartphones. Their drive to create never stops and Samsung’s innovative   technologies are the perfect companion for young people in Malaysia and around the world, encouraging them to channel their creativity and pursue their passions and dreams.” said Elaine Soh, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Through this initiative, Samsung will mobilize a range of activities that will happen in efforts to allow youths to capture and experience exceptional moments.

Encouraging Local Music with Universal Music Malaysia

Universal Music Malaysia and Samsung are ecstatic to announce the launch of a music video (MV) by up-and-coming local artist – Raya-themed MV titled Raya Raya Raya, by Malaysian heartthrob girl group DOLLA.

Raya Raya Raya MV touches on the contrast of traditional and modern styles celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri where the rapid technology innovations of today have shaped how the important day is celebrated, especially the significance of social media tools and platforms in influencing interactions between family and friends. With that spirit in mind, Samsung is also launching a DOLLA TikTok Challenge on 1st May 2021 – to participate, simply dance to DOLLA’s new Raya song and stand a chance to win total of nine units of the brand new Galaxy A32 Samsung is giving away!

Additionally, Samsung and Universal Music will also be working together on activations that will empower youth in achieving their dreams in the music industry, one involving another rising local artists, Jeii Pong and Gaston Pong, also known as “PongPong”.

“We feel honored to have a massive collaboration with Samsung for this Raya Raya Raya release. This marked another milestone for DOLLA as new local upcoming celebrities and also for us, in Universal Music Malaysia family. The whole idea is to introduce DOLLA as a new rising celebrity and also to strengthen their presence locally, regionally and eventually globally. It is definitely a great opportunity to work with a giant and established name like Samsung, with their great intention to support youth and arts in Malaysia. We would like to thank Samsung for this strategic partnership,” said Kim Lim, Managing Director of Universal Music Malaysia.

For more information about the Dolla TikTok Challenge, visit: this link.

KL City Takeover Powered by Samsung Galaxy A

As part of Samsung’s effort to brighten up the city, Samsung partnered with talented mural artists to, quite literally, paint the town.

Several iconic buildings across KL City have gone through a massively fun makeover. Murals painted on buildings such as the REX KL building in Chinatown no longer sport old and dull grey paint. It is now covered in bright murals featuring fun characters and colors that accurately represent the culture of Malaysia from renowned artist, Orkibal. As for the magical transformation of Drop Inn Lodge at Jalan Tun HS Lee, it is the brainchild of an outstanding graffiti whiz, Lowkey. Another iconic architecture, the Zhongshan Art Building will also go through the same beautification by well-known mural artist, Bono Stellar and is scheduled to be completed by end of May 2021.

These murals across the city serve as an inspiration to youths to always express their artistic creativity and passions with the world – freely and spontaneously. As to why this initiative is ‘Powered by Galaxy A’? That’s because Samsung wants to bring the creative and fun element of the Galaxy A series out into the world, as it was done with these murals.

For more information about the Samsung Galaxy A series, visit: this link.

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