[Video] Apple: We’re more innovative. Google: Hold my beer

We don’t usually cover Google events, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important – It’s just not as big as an Apple event. This time, though, there was simply too …

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  1. Apple needs to fix Siri, I got an iPhone out of peer pressure and one of the things I miss the most is squeeze for assistant. Siri just doesn’t understand what I’m saying most of the time.

  2. On my phone i talk calls and sometimes watch a youtube video thats about it. I need a good display and it should be responsive at all times. All these features that you can unlock your toilet from the living room is stuff im not even remotely interested in. They need to focus on what matters not these show off features. Make a phone that is not just merely a nasa data collection device in guise of a innocent lollipop candican os running phone. To me it seems people are so in love with their phones that they cant wait to upgrade to the next useless feature they only ever gonna use one time to show off to their friends. In a sense people are digging their own graves with these devices. Oh yes, and dont get me started on influcencers and the like. Social media has gonne insane and these phones are facilitating the madness. Stay healthy, stay sane, keep your witts about you and dont fall for the insanity of this technological armsrace.

  3. Skintone enhancement of today is result of incremental updates in technology. So it was not "racist" that darker skintones were not captured well. I am an engineering working in field of Machine vision and have dark skin. So those pesky Libtards need to calm down.

  4. It's sad that they made this whole UI and yet there will only be two phones using it because every manufacturer insists on making their own crappy and unresponsive skin!

  5. Apple "Innovative"??? Yeah.. they introduced Widgets 5 years later 😀 They've returned the iPhone 4 design ELEVEN YEARS LATER 😀 You have to exit the app and go to Main Setting menu, then find the current app and enter it settings!!
    I'm with iPhone 12 (after 11 years with Android) and I had to RESTART the phone 3 times only the first month, because IT DOES FREEZE or BLOCK!! There is now icon customization. The apps are 15% more expensive for iOS. The 3rd party apps are with more bugs then their Android version. When you have an app notification and you tap on it, the stupid iOS is opening the WEB version, not the app itself. I can continue, but I think you get the picture. The BEST Apple weapon against Android is its software, which is it great weakness.

  6. It's such false idea that apple has better security, lol reality apple is the firm that steals and weakens the security, they are the thief loooool

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