[Video] Don't wait for the Switch Pro, Buy This Today!

Powerful handheld console-style gaming PCs are popping up on the market trying to get a slice of the Nintendo Switches pie. Today we’ve got a BIG one here to …

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  1. Please make a video explaining how Nintendo has not yet taken your channel down for all the public emulation on non-Nintendo hardware. I really want to know because I bet that they grind their teeth at night.

  2. i buy it(i5) with keyboard yesterday in website but…i think this is too expensive and they said they will send it in june or july….i hope it is good and no porblem hahazz

  3. I think it's just a windows thing where if you start up a game without a controller and then connect it later it wont work. Usually what I do is just restart the game with the controller connected and it works.

  4. Lmao better get a few pairs of Insane clown posse pants to make sure you have a pocket that can handle that brick, it's barely smaller than a laptop

  5. So i just watched a 15 minutes ad for China?

    Disappointing man….

    Linus Find out about Tencent games it's basically a subsidiary of the chinese state.

    This device looks very polished. and why wouldn't it. it is essentially backed by Winnie the Pooh.

  6. Linus: Casually swipes from left of screen
    "Oh wow, is that a Windows 10 feature?"

    Anyone who's ever used a Windows 10 powered tablet…: "God Linus, where have you been the last few years? Still using Windows XP? 😆👌"

    Seriously though, that shortcut is a godsend for switching between apps on tablets, which is what this is, in essence.

    Another tip: instead of using that god-awful mouse pointer mode, right click taskbar, click "show touchpad button". Voila, easy access to an on-screen trackpad. Useful as heck for when you have chubby fingers that can't interact very efficiently with very small components on the UI. Note, this option seems to not exist for desktops, or maybe for people who don't have a touch-enabled display, but it's definitely available on tablets.

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