[Video] Face it, Apple. You lost.

Sensel has created the best trackpad in existence, and how it works is soooo freaking cool. Check our Sensel: Watch Physics Girl’s video on …

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  1. Hey Linus! I just wanted to say, thanks for being a great influence on me and others. I've been watching you for many many years and your videos never bore me. Your experiments motivate me to do my own. Because of you, I started my own tech channel. Keep up making the great content along with your crew. Thanks for being a big influence!

  2. Curious if there is a way to make a smaller version of these which feel and sound similar to mechanical switches. All in 3mm of height.

  3. It's alien tech', no way we went from valves to this in my lifetime. Now where can I get a transporter and a food machine that drags food out of thin air?

  4. Great to see some actual new tech and not just a faster/thinner version of last years model
    It would make sense if you could buy trackad replacement kit for e.g. Mac
    I do not see the potentiale for the Thinkpad, they have the almighty trackpoint already

  5. Force Touch trackpad isn’t just capacitive, it can distinguish between touch, click (but it’s not physically clicking) and hard click (used for preview and stuff like that).

  6. Welp, I guess if it really is as good as it sounds, Apple's trackpad have finally been beat (probably not by a long shot, though). Until this enters mass production in laptops, Apple is still king, though.

  7. regarding the wikipedia comment: second sentence of the last paragraph states :

    "However, the practical usage of such equations is limited" -> Not an existing technology, just mathematical equations for now
    "electron energy is not a priori determined or can not be set by the final user." -> because there is no way to mesure quantum tunneling and therefor no way to get it as signal input for a device

    The title is very misleading, should add a [wip] or something in front so that it is clear that this is science fiction for now (or rather just a mathematical equation that is not used in a concrete application, e.g. those trackpads do not exist yet – maybe never). At least that's what I understand from reading it.

  8. I have the same comment i had on the midi keyboard thing and chocolate 3D printer review. Listening to Linus speaking about something he obviously has no idea what it is feels very wrong…
    Don't get me wrong, there's nothing more informative than Linus talking about servers, networks, virtualization, etc. But for more technical/scientific subjects, a more… knowledgable host feels like it's less of a "read, not understood" script…

  9. LTT 2021: Face it, Apple. You lost!
    Apple 2022: Includes this kind of tech in a MacBook.
    Other tech channels on Youtube 2022: Apple just REINVENTED the trackpad!!!! OMG ITS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!

  10. ME:-linus is the best tech YouTuber in the world.
    My Friends:-mkbhd is the best YouTuber in the world.
    Me:- Slaps on my friend's head and says Linus is 'GOD OF TECH'
    My friends:- OK MY FRIEND Linus is 'GOD OF TECH'
    lots of love from INDIA.

  11. Hey Linus! I've been a fan for a few years. Do you think you could custom make me a gaming pc? I really need a upgrade im using a laptop not even made for gaming. And I really want to play the games my friends play now because my system is about 4 or 5 years old with a ryzen 3. Please and it would mean alot
    3060 or 3060ti
    atleast 16 or 32 gb
    2tb hdd + 500gb ssd
    the reast is up to you! and a nice processer!!

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