[Video] I am Holding a PC

Dell makes computers. Dell makes monitors. You would think that Dell could find a way to merge the two without making an all-in-one – And you’d be right!

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  1. Disassembling the whole thing really is simple.
    Reassembling is super simple too-
    "Hello, dell? It's linus. Yeah it happend. Again! I need another one."

  2. That's one of the things I've gotta say about Dell: as shitty as they are to their customers, their equipment is generally more modular than a lot of their competition, and there's a LOT of information on the web for how to modify or update their products (whether official or 3rd party).

  3. You guys should really look into the viability of Wren actually offsetting carbon emissions… you may be surprised how terrible some of these "ecoconscious" carbon offsets are.

  4. personally, i wouldn't use it as i play a load of games. however, this would be great for a big office that needs to handle things like excel, word, and other not so demanding programs while keeping clutter to a minimum and desk space to a maximum.

  5. Briefly alluded to in the thumb nail but not spelled out in the video.. Cheaper than apples $999 monitor stand. Shut up an take my money!. "Dell- Good job but please consider refreshing this with AMD". I had to give up a no longer functioning monitor which could rotate 90 degrees to give you a page mode monitor.. ***and this does it for free!!!***

  6. Years ago we we were amazed by quickswap drives. just think that you could take a whole all PC the size a bit bigger than your phone with you as a quickswap device. how sick!

  7. This just makes me even more angry at Dell. I just watched Steve from GN reviewing the prebuilt built system they did decide to deliver to consumers and it is just a steaming pile of e waste with zero upgrade paths or repair options, yet they decided to not bring this product to the consumer! WTF are they doing?! This just shows they know how to offer these options but make a choice not to.

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