[Video] I REALLY Wanted to Try This…

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  1. Well Linus I expect the delivery of both within 48hrs (hey I'm being reasonable since faster shipping is a ripoff) so I can put them both through their paces here

    and unike you I wont knock things over randomly and that includes your soundbar crap

    (My 9.1 system is vastly superior)

  2. 8:59 Just wanted to say that as someone who is deliberately slow to adopt new tech and doesn't experiment much, I would appreciate seeing tests like that and hearing your thoughts anyway. Because I don't have that intuitive experience you've built up and you were already surprised by how well it performed once. Regardless, this was informative and entertaining. Love it when Linus and the staff get to bounce off each other during videos. And I'm looking forward to some great TV's in the coming decade.

  3. Is it really micro LED when there are only a few thousand local dimming zones?
    75'' = ~190cm => roughly 152 x 114 cm => 17 328 cm²

    With 1000 Zones each one is ~17 cm² in size which is a bit more than 4×4 cm. That's worse then what you could achieve with LED stripes. Its literally garbage tier.

    I know controlling that stuff is a bit more complicated, but really Dimming Zones that are bigger than 0.25cm² do not deserve the name "Micro LED". What you've got there is Macro LED.

  4. I believe the images look great, but you need to see these screens in total darkness to really compare. If the ambient lighting is so bright, your eyes will adapt to this and fool you. So watching movies is for me, in an entirely dimly lit room, and I will be dissapointed with the advice carried out in this test for the new NON 0Led tv.

  5. i have an issue with my laptop, my internet is so bad, but my brother's &sister's laptop is just fine, idk why only mine have bad internet, can anyone help ("n")

  6. Man Seriously Linus Samsung is Still Samsung. all iphones comes with samsung displays is Apple is bumb you think they uses samsung display?? You were under estimated them😳😳

  7. Why didn't you calibrate the TVs with a colorimeter? You should talk to HDTV test (Vincent Teoh) before you do another TV comparison / review video, lol.

  8. Ok, what about that tv/monitor which uses a secondary screen with b&w only to add another level of black than the basic rgb dots? A few? years ago you showed thes on a tech show.

  9. Mini LED has nothing to do with color. TCL has done mini LED for a couple of years. Samsung’s backlighting is laggy. OLED has lifespan issues that directly correspond to voltage and how bright you run them.

  10. Samsung uses a OneConnect box that receives all the inputs and sends the signal, with power, on a single proprietary cable to the display. I have a one year old 8K set that uses HDMI 2.0 inputs, so no native 8K input, just up-conversion. The new OneConect boxes are now out with HDMI 2.1 so I am ready to upgrade! Except Samsung says the new boxes can't be used with my display panel because they also changed the proprietary cable, rendering my extremely expensive incapable of upgrading to HDMI 2.1. Planned obsolescence

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