[Video] I Should NOT Quit My Day Job

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45 Comments on “[Video] I Should NOT Quit My Day Job”

  1. The Metahuman software is absolute garbage trash if you don't know what you're doing, and you guys clearly don't know what you're doing.
    Look, Cinema has created hyper-realistic 3d models of people, including K/DA.

    Seriously, how can you assume 3D human faces are not capable of looking good?
    Also, this Epic Games ad is not something I want to see, it's an immediate dislike.

  2. Hey Linus, can you please make a video on "installing win 10 on arm phones"I have searches the YouTube there is no video explaining this but in Google there is a project called "renegade project" in gigbit which makes phone to fastboot to windows 10……

  3. I'd say besides crowds this should be a pretty great tool for any indie developer looking to get good-looking characters going in their game more easily. Also, it says you can download a Maya file of the character for further modelling, so it could provide a pretty great starting point for custom character designs.

  4. Linus attempt was actually really good!
    Mathias did a great job on the face and such
    but destroyed all that work with that godawful bear and hair
    those are so prominent features the overshadow anything else

    So I would actually give linus the W here

  5. For the events where games need to build crowds of people, or just for unique NPCs, I think it would be really cool to have something like this exposed as a library with the ability to randomise models on the fly. Never seeing the same character model in a public crowd might be one of those things that you don't notice, but just feels more real.

  6. Please compare ipad pro m1 vs m1 macbook air vs m1 macbook pro vs galaxy book pro vs galaxy book 360 pro
    I want one for my meetings and projects please please sir
    Love from India
    Only channel to which i gave this request because of how interesting and detailed your videos are please do compare those machines

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