[Video] I'm selling GPUs BELOW MSRP!

Watch Linus go head to head against Verified Actual Gamers for a chance to win a discount on an RTX 3060 or 3070 from EVGA! Buy EVGA X17 FPS Gaming …

46 Comments on “[Video] I'm selling GPUs BELOW MSRP!”

  1. Well, instead of having to invite everyone in person, you could have just asked them to join a private online match and… oh wait, the GPU right…

  2. Looks like Linus started working out or something, he looks a little more ripped than usual with them veins on the neck and forearms.

  3. I do not know anything about gaming.

    I need tips on what to look out for a specs for a gaming pc that can handle Red dead and Apex Legends.

    Any help would be appreciated

  4. PLAY ME 1V1 CSGO? 😀 OR APEX LEGENDS? ill pay over msrp :/ im rocking a 1060 3gb xD since release…. anyways great video, would be fun to even just play a game with linus 😀

  5. And what if you are from the CIS countries (Kazakhstan) and EVGA is not there, and the prices in our stores for the same 3080 3-4 thousand dollars…….

  6. Linus NGL i have been playing Halo Combat evolved every day Since I was 8 years old and I’m 27.

    If y’all have MCC I humbly extend an invite to a Ass Whopping.

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