[Video] Intel: Core i5 Will Beat Ryzen 9… – WAN Show May 14, 2021

Timestamps (Courtesy of StarsMarsRadio) 0:00 Intro/Topics 2:31 Intel announces mobile chips 9:40 Laptop Battery life 13:31 Who are gaming laptops for 16:36 …

[Video] Intel: Core i5 Will Beat Ryzen 9... - WAN Show May 14, 2021 1
[Video] Intel: Core i5 Will Beat Ryzen 9... - WAN Show May 14, 2021 2
[Video] Intel: Core i5 Will Beat Ryzen 9... - WAN Show May 14, 2021 3
[Video] Intel: Core i5 Will Beat Ryzen 9... - WAN Show May 14, 2021 4
[Video] Intel: Core i5 Will Beat Ryzen 9... - WAN Show May 14, 2021 5

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  1. It’s interesting how far behind Canada is with vaccinations compared to the US. 12 year olds can get it here but Canadian adults are still scrambling to find it.

  2. I remember buying mpow headphones cause they had good rating… but when i went to use them they seemed really cheap and bad and they always had a rate us 5 stars for cash back but dont tell amazon or its void. So ofc i told amazon and got my refund lmao. Glad they are being banned

  3. Elon isn't accepting bitcoin any more… Because he already inflated the price with his market manipulation tactics on twitter and he's cashing out 🙄

  4. Of all of the sidekicks, I like Luke and Andy the most, because they have interesting thoughts that are worth the time to watch. Plus the new girl that Linus built a PC with recently, because she isn't afraid of Linus.

  5. at 57:30 there is a lot of wasted energy being used to mine crypto as well, like vented/flared natural gas that is being burned in open air either way as it can't be used, instead they feed it into a generator now and power a stack of crypto miners. esp if they run the exhaust through a catalytic converter that's even better for the environment. a TON of our energy is wasted, it's easy to regulate usage rates and miners can scale up and down speeds and power use depending on energy availability, so that all night the energy can be cheap in the summer when community usage is low but when prices are up during the daytime/peak hours where every single ac unit in the city is at full blast the miners are not taking down the grid either.

  6. Hey man, I come from a divorced parents situation, it feels like Luke didn’t seem to find it a funny joke based on his back-hold reaction and somehow I totally understand his feelings about the things that happened in the past, not every divorce goes as easy as others, some go like “Allright, I don’t feel the love for you anymore, do you think the same? Yes? Okey then, I don’t see any reason to be together, let’s divorce!”. But on the other end, some goes in fights with not only the partners being in fight but most of the time the whole family gets involved into the situation.

  7. When u mentioned buying GME that first time I was yelling to myself NO it will be a big loss. I day trade and anyone who trades could tell u that a horrific time to buy unless you constantly watch and plan to sell soon.

    Ive made a lot on it but I just buy and resell over and over for 10-20% gains, but don't believe in game stop at all its a horrible investment.

    At this point u might as well hold forever if game stop does it right it could go up over the long term

    Apple really is a morally shit company and it's sad all the sheep are brainwashed

    No offense but you don't know much about cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Proof of stake and proof of work.the majority of mining is on renewable energy.

    It's not Elons fault that sheep react to him, they are ducking stupid people who shouldn't be investing

    The bitcoin move is a shrewd move to get more carbon credits and fix the problem. Linus keeps saying not needed and wasteful about bitcoin. You don't understand it or you would have a different opinion. Do a deep dive into it and u will truly understand the impact the network will have on the world

    You should see how Much waste there is when the fed prints money. All the electricity, employers, air conditioning, paper, etc, etc

  8. I have a gaming laptop; honestly the best thing about it, in my opinion, is that I can bring it with me when I visit friends' or family's houses. Being able to connect it to the family tv to play with everyone, but also being able to use it after get kicked off the tv to let others use it

  9. LOL the super rich guy that founded electric cars, responsible for pushing lithium mining one of the worse polluters cares about the energy consumption waste of cryptocurrency, capitalist and gonna buy cheap sell high… this is such basic crypto manipulation…

  10. “Did you got your jab”…..when was this a question ??? This should not be a question to go back at work.
    Not saying you shouldn t get the jab, but it is non of your business !!!!!!!

  11. I used to have a big chunk laptop when I went to a school where I needed the computing power but wanted to bring it home from school every day I stead of leaving it at school all night

  12. Good luck with that vaccine, I'll wait and see what happens to you all in a year or two when the real problems start showing themselves, but the sheep will still buy the BS being spread by the govt and media. Good luck guinea pigs.

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