[Video] Intel Responds – New MSI Laptops!

Benchmarks for the i7-11800H and i9-11980HK were announced. These are some of the new 11th gen Intel Laptops from MSI.
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[Video] Intel Responds - New MSI Laptops! 1
[Video] Intel Responds - New MSI Laptops! 2
[Video] Intel Responds - New MSI Laptops! 3
[Video] Intel Responds - New MSI Laptops! 4
[Video] Intel Responds - New MSI Laptops! 5

41 Comments on “[Video] Intel Responds – New MSI Laptops!”

  1. The "TABLE". Bring it back. I much like the laptop, you are reviewing, being placed next to you on the table. It is aesthetically pleasing for me ig. Anyways I am not gonna stop watching your videos. Good luck!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. Can you get a table that rises and lowers out of shot? So if you need the table you have it available. Also the black aquarium stand looks out of place maybe use Dbrand teal!

  3. Hi Iโ€™m a long time subscriber and I really love your content and how you do stuff, I say congratulations on the big change, so happy for you
    And also that maybe a circular โ€œ(โ€ table in the back might help you!! It keep nothing on the front and if you need you need to have more than one device on screen you can while also letting you have a normal convo with the camera (โ€œusโ€)!!

  4. Is it just me, or is the graphic a bit blurry? Kind of like what happens when you're looking at an ultra HD screen, where the graphic is so sharp that the second he moves the edges becomes blurry

  5. What if you had for each device a small table, as if for each pinpoint or chapter in the video, being each one about one device?!?!
    Like a tv show!!
    You could have a larger table, maybe a round one , to fill evenly the background โ€)โ€ , and that would keep your freedom and openness!!!

  6. Undeniably this new look is good but as comparison to last time, i would still prefer the table and the clean looking background

  7. More key light D2D, please! (Still good content and yeah, I miss the table, but we all need to work on being just a lil'bit more flexible these days….)

  8. without table looks awesome as well..not too boring..and it would look quite techy if there were tech stuff around the background..still looks cool.

  9. Maybe have a table or ledge on the side to showcase the devices. Video looks better in this format for sure. Don't give up this idea. Keep tweaking this and we'll eventually get a good layout ๐Ÿ‘

  10. Seeing you interact with electronics on the table felt more natural. Right now it feels like you're commenting over someone else's videos. Plus, what's the point of bringing the laptops at the start of we're not going to see them sitting there ? ๐Ÿ˜ข

  11. What if you had a sleek table island in the middle with the laptops you mention on it, 2nd camera for table pick up shot, maybe a 3rd on the ceiling birds eye view and then you walk over in real time while talking about it?
    Either way – experimentation is the key to getting it right!

  12. Table. Let us see the table.
    Use the table for product reviews.
    Avoid the table for expressing random thoughts on recent tech news or verdict or explanation stuffs like that.

  13. Well, I certainly want that table back. Or apple boxes, or some turned-over tray for all I care. Just something to have the devices you speak of VISIBLE in the picture. I liked having my eyes wander across the devices while you speak about them, compare them, their look on a table surface, maybe finding details I missed. I even loved you stacking laptops onm top of each other from time to time, this is a great visual comparison tool.

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