[Video] Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Review

Review of Lenovo’s Legion 5 Pro. The best gaming laptop from Lenovo with the new 16″ QHD Display

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50 Comments on “[Video] Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Review”

  1. This background is so distracting. Personally, I don't like it. And the desk's color is not great for showcasing stuff. I prefer a white or grey one over this.

  2. Man why the numpad on a gaming laptop though?? So frustrating. I bet like 0.5% of people actually need a numpad on a gaming machine but they're the vocal minority so here we are. Ruins the symmetry and ergonomics of the keyboard/mousepad

  3. I liked your comparison of the Legion 7 and the Legion 5 pro – with the Legion 7 being the same, but more subtle – a work laptop to some. I am looking at the Legion 5 (non-pro) 3070 for this exact reason. What are your thoughts?

  4. About the trackpad

    I have the 2019 Y540, my trackpad spans from the Alt key to the end of the spacebar.
    I've worked for a year on this laptop, coding, and I've not had any problems with my palm…
    Might be different from person to person. I agree the positioning might not be too great, but it might not be such a deal breaker for everyone

  5. In what world do we live where 80C should be deemed acceptable? Not trying to hate but I’m sick and tired of seeing reviewers say 80C on gpu/cpu is good. Absolutely not

  6. What's wrong with the position of the trackpad? It seems to be precisely centered below the space bar, which is the correct place.

  7. I would 100% prefer the physical slide cover over the electrical kill switch. Just feels more immediately more trustworthy and plus it's more visible.

  8. I purchased legion 5 pro 2 weeks ago, some problems came to the surface:
    1. 'Not Responding' hhh can u imagine.. I face it in a daily basis specially browsers, World, and when this happen fans work loader.
    2. Brightness sometimes not working and I have to reboot it.
    3. The weight is really annoying.. I thought It would be OK.. I was completely wrong.
    4. The screan resolution is not perfect.. My eyes get tiered quickly.
    Thanks Dave, Now I am convinced to return it.

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